December, 2014
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Message to ASHI Chapters


Message to ASHI Chapters.


Howard Snyder, E.D., Ohio ASHI

One of the points of interest discussed at LTC for successful leadership was CORE VALUES. Your CORE VALUES will identify the personality of your leadership and they form and inform the kind of leader you are. Take time to sit down and identify, discuss, and evaluate those core values. Core Values of the leadership determine how members will perceive not only you, their leader, but the chapter as a whole, and ultimately cultivate your chapters CULTURE. Some Chapter values and ideas we took away from LTC were:

W – Winners! Everyone wants to be part of and align themselves with a winning team.

E- Energized. Your drive and enthusiasm will determine the reflection of your chapter. People can tell when they walk into a meeting if it is Energized or another so-so get together.

A-Attitude. A positive attitude will serve your chapter well. Always approach issues as the glass is half-full instead of half empty.

R- Recognize. Often and in Public. Anniversaries, accomplishments, gaining ACI status, all are achievements of the members and should be recognized in front of the membership.

E – Engaged. Enlist the membership for tasks in running the chapter or chapter events. Developing, coordinating, administering and communicating chapter events takes time and people. The more members engaged, the greater the pool becomes for future growth.

A – Awareness. Members need technical advice, however, they also need a steady diet of business awareness and marketing to keep them in business.

S – Support. Mentoring is a form of development that ALL newbies can use. New members are the future leaders of the chapter, embrace them, nurture and grow them.

H – HAVE FUN. A lot of mentoring and socializing is done after hours. Social networking in a relaxed environment develops good camaraderie, and THAT retains membership.

I – Influence. Successful leadership is all about a positive influence. Insure members feel welcome at events, make them feel appreciated and make them feel a part of the chapter.

Together, the above helps our chapters project and support ASHI, The GOLD STANDARD!

Ken Harrington, ACI

CRC Chair

Congratulations to the raffle winners at LTC!

Tony Smith is a member of the Great Lakes Chapter. He won full conference registration to InspectionWorld Philadelphia and a three-night stay at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel. John Biegalski of the Tri-State ASHI Chapter won an iPad Mini in the drawing.