December, 2004
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Membership Update: 6, 153


3321 Members
2511 Candidates
165 Candidates w/logo use
72 Retired members
84 Affiliate members

Reaching out to those who have not renewed    

Because of the extension for the Membership in Florida, the final dues notice for this year was sent out later than usual. It was mailed the week of November 1st. Following the notice, chapter presidents were sent the names of those in their chapters who had not renewed. ASHI leaders were asked to reach out to Members and Candidates who have not renewed their ASHI membership, reminding them of the value of belonging, but also reminding them they will be missed by their peers. Even though names have been dropped from the membership, reinstatement is still possible with limited disruption to the services.

The Society was founded by home inspectors who wanted to learn from each other and to promote their profession. Every Member and Candidate is important to the continued achievement of these goals.

ASHI HQ completes communications network upgrade

HQ installed two T-1 lines, one to handle voice communications and the second to manage data communications.  The up-grade to its voice communication system includes a new phone system with a conference management system that will allow ASHI to set up and manage its numerous conference calls for committee meetings and board meetings.

In addition, each employee has a direct number. See page 37 for a listing of the
new phone numbers for ASHI staff. The general number remains the same. The new system will free staff to recruit and retain members.

The second T-1 line will increase e-mail and Internet communications speed. We also will bring the hosting of our Web site in-house for better control of its resources. Efficiency should be increased while ASHI will save roughly $800 per month.

Voting for ASHI officers and directors closed December 6th

For the results, visit or read next month’s ASHI Reporter. The following officer nominees were running unopposed:

  • President-Elect, Joseph Corsetto
  • Vice President, Frank Lesh
  • Treasurer, Bill Richardson
  • Secretary, David Tamny

The Council of Representatives elected five directors and one alternate from the following field of candidates:

  • Gregory Caudill  
  • John Gerardi          
  • Bill Jacques
  • Tore Knos
  • Bill Loden              
  • Robert Peterson  
  • Peter Rindfleisch
  • Kenneth Salvo
  • John Wenger  

Accepting matrices for COR Speaker

All current Council Representatives were e-mailed a Speaker of the COR matrix. Any Council Representative interested in running for this position must return a completed matrix by end of business day December 15, 2004, and also must attend the COR meeting on January 11, 2005, in Austin, Texas, where the election will take place.

Visit Web site for “Report Out” on Board actions

The Board of Directors met in Chicago on Saturday, October 23, 2004. A full report on the board’s actions is posted on, under Downloads in the Membership Extranet. Highlights of the directors’ decisions follow.

• Approved chapter name change from Great Basin to Southwestern Idaho.

• Allocated some of the strategic expenditure funds for the following:

 — expanding ASHI’s presence in searches by major search engines, and evaluating the ASHI Web site to ensure maximum keyword hits in order to build on the current year-to-year 33 percent increase in unique visitors;  

 — scheduling two media tours;

 — adding six additional press release to the normal 12, with the additional releases distributed electronically, which in the past has resulted in them appearing within minutes on AOL and CBSMarketWatch;
— creating radio Public Service Announcements from the video PSAs and redistributing the video PSAs, which in their initial release reached more than 12 million viewers.

• Expanded the “Meet the President at InspectionWorld” session to “Meet the ASHI Directors at InspectionWorld.”

• Rescinded previous policy to not consider complaints about competitive business practices.

• Approved the following 2005 committee chairs/board liaisons:

 —ASHI Membership Forum- John Ghent
 —Bylaws- John Geiger/Jim Lee
 —Chapter Relations - Ron Rusch/ Charles Gifford
 —Code of Ethics-Keith Oberg/ Bryck Guibor
 —Complaints (Logo Use) - Howard Pegelow/ Vice President
 —Complaints (Ethics)-Miki Mertz/ Vice President

 —Conference Planning-President-elect & Vice President
 —Education- Tore Knos/Brion Grant
 —Elections Committee- Anthony Galeota
 —Executive Director Evaluation- Steve Gladstone
 —Legislative-Andrew Kasznay (State Affairs) & President-elect (Federal Affairs)
 —Membership-Scott Patterson/
Tim Stull
 —Officer Nominating Committee-Steve Gladstone
 —Director Nominating Committee Chair is selected by the COR
 —Public Relations - Frank Libero/Jim Rooney
 —Standards-JD Grewell/ Leon Costanten  
 —Survey-Michael Conley/ Jay Balin
 —Technical-John Cranor/ Don Nelson
Has your chapter applied?

Thirty-eight chapters have been approved for $146,600 in grants. Has your chapter applied?

The ASHI Experience Chapter Grant Approval Forms can be found in “The ASHI Experience Chapter Funding & Activities Guidebook.” The Guidebook is included on the chapter CD sent to chapter leaders and on the ASHI Web site. Chapters that have not filed a form are missing out. Fax, mail or e-mail your form and get your funding! Questions? Ask Bob Kociolek, 847-954-3177,

Annual Chapter Report deadline has passed

All chapters are required to submit an annual report. The report forms are being e-mailed to chapter presidents this week and the deadline for filing the report was November 31, 2004. This is a simple, annual administrative task. Keep your chapter in good standing. Complete this task.

New exhibit booths in the works

More coming, but continue to reserve early

In response to the demand, the Board of Directors authorized the purchase of three additional The ASHI Experience booths (two real estate and one consumer-oriented) and lights for the existing booths. However, even when the new ones are ready for use, chapters and Members must continue to reserve early. Booths are available to chapters for shipping and insurance, and to Members for a reasonable fee. An official reservation form is required. Requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. E-mail Russell at HQ — — to obtain the reservation form.

ASHI calendar of events

• December 4, 2004, Committee Leadership Workshop, Chicago, Ill.
• January 12, 2005, Board meeting, Austin, Texas  
• January 13-15, 2005, InspectionWorld, Austin, Texas
• April 15-16, 2005, Board orientation and meeting, Chicago, Ill.
• July 15-16, 2005, ASHI Town Hall Gathering and Board meeting , St. Louis, Mo.
• October 21-22, 2005, Chapter Leadership Day and Board meeting, Chicago, Ill.