January, 2011

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Membership News


CE Audit Begins in January 2011

ASHI staff is charged with conducting an audit of Continuing Education (CE) hours every January.

A list of 300-400 ASHI Certified Inspectors (ACI) and Associates is randomly generated from the ASHI database, including at least one member from each chapter.

Members on the list are notified to turn in documentation supporting the CE hours they claimed. Certificates of completion, invoices and certificates of attendance are accepted.

If the documentation does not verify the required number of hours, the inspector is placed on administrative suspension until he or she submits the proper documentation.

Questions? Contact Sarah Walsh at sarahw@ashi.org.


ASHI Certification Committee Attends The Institute for Credentialing Excellence Convention

Brendan Ryan, ACC chair; Mike Rostescu, ASHI staff liaison; and Barton Robertson, The ASHI School managing director, attended the ICE show Nov. 16-19 in Atlanta, Georgia. Creation of certificate and certification programs is a collaborative effort between all three entities of ASHI.  Highlights of the trip included sessions on program evaluation, effective assessment writing, cost control and successful program expansion.  Information gained was put to immediate use in the process of creating a valid assessment-based certificate program for the Mold and Moisture Damage Comprehensive Course offered by The ASHI School.

Accredited certificate programs that follow the Standards set by ICE 1100 and approved by ANSI possess creditability and validity that enhance the marketability of the program not only to inspectors, but to other professionals. Those who hold accredited certificates have an advantage in the marketplace, as well as a valid educational background for services such as expert witness testimony. The ACC is committed to the promotion of excellent education and the development of valid assessment tools within the realm of the home inspection profession.

Standards & Code

Voluntary Standards Accepted: ASHI Standards up for Review

ASHI's members have accepted the following voluntary standards for professional inspection practices:

Copies will be available when they are formally adopted.

Summary of and Rationale for Proposed Updates to ASHI Home Inspection Standard

ASHI has a tradition of updating its Standards of Practice to accommodate changes in the home inspection profession and the construction industry. The last three updates occurred in 1992, 2000 and 2006. The proposed updates, if adopted, will not become effective until 2011 or 2012.

To review the proposed updates, visit Latest News on ashi.org..

Members and interested parties are invited to attend a hearing scheduled to be held at InspectionWorld Atlanta.

The Standards Committee will hold the public meeting at InspectionWorld Atlanta on Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at 11:15 a.m. in room 302 of the Atlanta Hilton to discuss the proposed draft Standard and other standards-related topics. 

The time and location also will be published in the onsite program. Interested parties may send comments to Bruce Barker, Committee chair, at inspectorbruce@cox.net.


Bylaw Amendment Fails

The votes are in and the most recent Bylaw amendment to alter ASHI's governance structure has failed to receive the required supermajority. To amend any of ASHI's Bylaws, 30 percent of ASHI's voting members must cast ballots and two-thirds of those who voted must vote to amend. As with the previous proposals to change the makeup of the ASHI Board of Directors and the way the society elects its officers and directors, enough members voted and the majority of those who did favored the amendment, but not two-thirds of them. Amending Bylaws is a serious undertaking, therefore the supermajority requirement.

Certification Committee Members Confirmed

Scott Patterson and Skip Kelley will join the Certification Committee for 2011. 

In appreciation for your service

While ASHI's Board provides the vision, committees are hard at work bringing that vision to life. The Society extends its thanks to all those who chaired and served on committees during 2010. The members of the new Certification Committee and those who served on several task forces in 2010 also deserve recognition.

Stephen M. Gladstone, chair; Ryan A. Heyl; Gregory N. Hines; Danny L. Maynard; James Rooney

Chapter Relations:
David B. Sherwood, chair; Tim Buell; David Haught; Gary F. Monfeli; Don Norman

Complaints (CCAC):
Steve Hartnett, chair

Complaints (CEPP):
Jamison S. Brown, chair; Don Hewitt; Kevin Vargo; Jim Yaskiewicz

Ronald A.Rusch, chair; James P. Allen; Rod Beacham; Greg Caudill; John D'Arpino; Jack Fehlandt; James J. Funkhouser; Mario Lucciola; Scott W. McLean; Gregory Murphy

Michael W. Casey, chair; Joseph F. Corsetto; Mark Cramer

Mike Sterling, chair; Michael Hoberecht; Lawrence Hoytt; Bill Loden; Kenneth Salvo

Legislative: George Harper, chair/state; Kurt Salomon, chair/ federal; Chuck Berthoud; Gil Hendrickson; Johnny Kay; Donald Lovering; Charles Wiersum; Peter Zipp III

JD Grewell, chair; Shannon Cory; Jack Feldmann; David Goldstein; Stuart E. Zwang

Public Relations:
Dan Howard, chair; Paul Andreassen; Russell Berg; Max Curtis; Danny L. Maynard; Bob Sisson

Bruce Barker, chair; Eric Barker; Mark Cramer; Craig Funabashi; Lawrence Klock; Christopher Ueland

Bryck Guibor, chair; Adrian Bishop; Garet Denise; Victor J. Faggella; James Katen; Jory Lannes; Tom Maides; William E.Mason; Steve Nations; Warren W. Schultz

Certification Committee: Brendan Ryan, chair; Joe Kelly; Paul Staron; Jim Hemsell; JD Grewell; Howard Pegelow; Kara Schmidt, public member; Beth Taylor, public member

Governance Task Force:
Howard Pegelow and Paul Staron, co-chairs;  Bill Richardson; Jim Hemsell; Bob Walstead; Jack McGraw; John Biegalski; Frank Lesh

Chapter Task Force:
Charles Gifford, chair; Jim Hemsell; Howard Pegelow; David Sherwood; Paul Staron

ASHI Mission Statement

To set and promote standards for property inspections and to provide the educational programs needed to achieve excellence in the profession.

Current ASHI Membership

ASHI Certified Inspectors: 3,649
Associates/Logo: 131
Associates: 1,829
Retired Members: 122
Affiliates: 89
Total: 5,820

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