April, 2010
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Members Vote on Proposed Changes to ASHI Governance


ASHI Certified Inspectors and Retired Members received the following rationale and Bylaw ballot in March. Voting closes on Monday, April 19, 2010. The ASHI Secretary will count the votes on April 22.

DATE: March 5, 2010

Submitted by the 2010 Bylaws Committee: Stephen Gladstone, chair; Paul Staron, board liaison; Ryan Heyl; Greg Hines; Danny Maynard; Jim Rooney

Proposed changes to ASHI Bylaws


By-laws Rationale
During the January 17, 2010, Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved two motions that will change the ASHI Bylaws and the governance structure of the society. This decision was made after two years of research and numerous discussions involving the leadership. The Board of Directors, in the belief that these proposed changes will result in a stronger and better ASHI, now recommend and present those motions to you, the members of ASHI, for a vote to amend the ASHI Bylaws.

Bylaw amendments require the approval of the voting members.

These motions change the size of the Board, as well as how the Board and Officers are elected. The Board believes that these changes to the ASHI Bylaws will strengthen the society, reduce costs and allow for quicker decision processes. All voting members will now be eligible to seek a seat on the Board of Directors and, most importantly, vote directly for
the Directors.

A summary of the changes is as follows:

•  The changes will reduce the ASHI Board size from 21 members to 15 members. Four board members (instead of the current five) will be elected each year for a three-year term. Board members will be permitted to run for one additional term.

• Any ASHI Certified Inspector may be elected to the ASHI Board. A petition process is provided to allow individuals not selected by the Nominating Committee to seek a slot on the election ballot for a Board position.

• All eligible ASHI Certified Inspectors will be able to vote for the nominated members for the ASHI Board. The ballot will contain a minimum of four persons. The Nominating Committee may slate more than four persons. Any petition candidate who has obtained a signed petition of ten (10) percent of the voting ASHI membership will be placed on the ballot. Write-in candidates are allowed.

• The Board Nominating Committee will be chaired by the Immediate Past President and now will be comprised of a balance of Council of Representative (COR) and Board members.

• The Vice President position will be eliminated to reduce the Board size.

• The Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed by the Board from among the Board members. These actions will help reduce the Board size and spread the official duties of ASHI to existing Board positions.

• The Board of Directors shall annually select the President-Elect from among ASHI Certified Members. The President-Elect may or may not be currently on the Board.

Passage of the Bylaw amendments will necessitate some changes to the ASHI Policy & Procedures Manual. These changes will be completed and implemented as quickly as is feasible.

Download a PDF of the Motion to amend the bylaws.