January, 2003
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Meet the 2003 Directors


Charles M. Bellefontaine
Chicagoland Home & Building Inspections
Bolingbrook, Illinois

“Thank you to the Council of Representatives for allowing me to serve our Society to the best of my ability. I have a good understanding of the direction ASHI is taking, and I will contribute my talents to achieving these previously set goals. My plans to enhance ASHI will only be achieved with the help of Membership, who I request to voice their opinions to either their Council Representative or me. I give you this promise: I will give all the time and effort to this Society that my new position calls for.”

  • ASHI Member since 1998
  • Served as Director, Secretary, Public Relations chair, and Web site designer and Webmaster for Northern Illinois Chapter
  • Council of Representatives
  • Chaired ASHI Facilities and Board of Elections Committees
  • Served on ASHI Public Relations and Chapter Relations Committees
  • Leadership positions held in other organizations include the following: President of the Illinois Society of Professional Home Inspectors

Bryck Guibor
Brick by Bryck Inc.
Tucson, Arizona

“I will serve the membership at national. The local members need to be heard. The Arizona Chapter is one of the largest in the country. The local members voted for me to serve there needs for six years as a leader in the local chapter and for AHIC, the state license group of inspectors from around the state of Arizona. Inspectors around the country meet as a group for the benefit of many. This is my service to those who trusted me to be in leadership.”

  • ASHI Member since 1986
  • Served as President, Vice President and Secretary of the Arizona Chapter
  • Chaired of Chapter Education Committee
  • Council of Representatives
  • Chaired ASHI CEPP Committee
  • Hosted complaints process round table at national convention
  • Served on ASHI Officers Nomination Committee
  • Leadership positions held in other organizations include the following: Vice president of AHIC-Arizona Home inspectors Coalition, Vice President of youth soccer club
James E. Lee
Accurate Home Inspection, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I have proven my leadership ability through my involvement with the Great Lakes Chapter, ASHI’s largest Chapter. I will  bring not only the 18 years of experience as an ASHI member, but a total of over 30 years experience in the successful management of a small business devoted specifically to the inspection business. I feel it’s time to move on to the national level where I can continue to do even more for the successful management of ASHI.”
  • ASHI Member since 1985
  • Great Lakes Chapter (GLC)
  • Served as President, Treasurer, and Director for the Great Lakes Chapter
  • Chaired Chapter Awards and Long Range Planning  Committees
  • Participated in Chapter Peer Review Committees
  • Council of Representatives Group Leader
  • Served on ASHI Officers Nominating Committee
  • Leadership positions held in other organizations include the following: President Rotary International, Vice President Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors, Waukesha County Technical College - Advisory Board Member for over 5-years
Tim Stull
Brady & Henderson, Inc.
Solon, Ohio

“Becoming part of the true leadership of ASHI is a great honor. It holds a high degree of responsibility for those elected, and I will make my best effort toward bettering ASHI in anyway I can. We need to keep ASHI as the guiding light of the industry and I believe this will be gained by making ASHI a known entity to all. It will also require the Membership to up the ante, as we have to back up ASHI’s ideals with the actions of the Membership. Professionalism and integrity are key. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Society and the Membership.”

  • ASHI Member since 1990
  • Served as Ohio Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary and Director
  • Council of Representatives
  • Chaired Chapter Education, Bylaws, Nominating/Elections, and Annual Conference Committees
  • Served on ASHI CEPP and Nominating Committees
  • Leadership positions held in other organizations include the following: Director for the Ohio Inspectors for Fair Licensing (O.I.F.L.), Trustee at the United Methodist Church of Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Jim Rooney
Free State Inspections
Annapolis, Maryland

“My intentions for serving on the Board are to support and promote ASHI’s goals, both present and future, and work towards the betterment of the Society and home inspection as a profession. As one of the “old timers”  with 30 years in the business, I know the past and want to participate in shaping the future. I feel the obligation to pass on to the newer practitioners those hard-learned lessons of the business and to encourage them to participate in their chosen field as a whole and to not to try to “be an Army of one”.

  • ASHI Member since 1990
  • Served as Director for MAC ASHI Chapter
  • Council of Representatives
  • Served on ASHI Bylaws Committee
  • Served as Alternate ASHI Director
  • Leadership positions held in other organizations include the following: Director, Treasurer and First Vice President of Home Inspectors of Maryland, Inc. (HIMI) – a legislative watchdog group and lobbying organization, President, Vice President and chaired annual fund raiser for Annapolis Lions Club

Robert A. Fico, Alternate
ACE Home Inspection, Inc.
Westfield, New Jersey

 “I would like to thank the COR and the National Association for the nomination and support for the position of ASHI Alternate Director. Your confidence in me to serve in this important “bench” position encourages me to serve to the best of my ability. I will make every effort to stay abreast of any and all issues of the organization in order to seamlessly step into a full director’s position if I am ever needed. I will attend all Directors’ meetings, and involve myself in the business of the association. ASHI is the largest and best home inspectors association in the world and is so because of the unselfish dedication of the Members who serve to lead. I intend to continue that tradition.”

  • ASHI Member since 1994.
  • Served as President, Membership Director, and newsletter editor for New Jersey Garden State Chapter
  • Council of Representatives