April, 2015

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Letters from Our Readers


Mission 007 Latoka

Mirowski Inspections is a full-service inspection company in Springfield, MO, and this year our business grew rapidly from three to five inspectors. To ensure that our team is speaking the same language, (customer service and report writing,) we needed to find a new way to measure our individual inspectors, especially since every home, every client and every agent is a unique experience.

Now, who doesn’t like a little mystery, a bit of clandestine excitement on occasion? Sure, we see a lot of things that make us scratch our heads – interesting findings of critters and intriguingly repaired projects – but 007 is not the norm in a home inspection business.

One of our staffers, Chelsea, had a great idea to accurately compare the steps our inspectors were taking and what our learning curve was going forward. Our owner, Steve Mirowski, knew an investor with a perfect property for a fun and covert inspection operation. “Mission 007 Latoka” was formed.

We retrieved the key and began the task of scheduling. Our mission: to have each inspector inspect the same house without the others knowing.

Now I digress for a moment to tell you that one of the things we try to do at our office is keep the lines of communication open. We found that frequent staff meetings and having our inspectors work together forges better colleague relations. Due to those great lines of communication, our team often discusses properties and things found. Thus the “cat was out of the bag” a little early in the game. Still, the mission was a great success.

During our staff meeting, we printed all four summaries for comparison. It was a fantastic learning tool and was exciting to see the inspectors were speaking the same language and following the same standard of practice. Of course, there were some differences in technique, but the foundation on which we conduct our business was solid.

Mission 007 Latoka was a fun and interactive training tool that we may keep in the playbook for the future. I would recommend it to any multi-inspector firm! This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1...

Mirowski Inspections
Springfield, MO

Ohio Conference

Inspectors from Alaska to Florida and Texas to Nova Scotia met for the three day Expo 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, February 27- March 1. Leaders from NAHI and ASHI joined together to help promote a great educational seminar that was both informative and fun. The presidents of both national organizations and their executive directors were present. In addition, the president of CAHPI attended and participated in the educational sessions with the other leaders. The annual event had over 100 attendees who thoroughly enjoyed the educational sessions as well as the peer review of a couple of houses. It was great to spend time and break bread with these dedicated inspectors.

- Frank Lesh