November, 2003
Legislative News
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Legislative Sessions Wrapping Up


With very few exceptions states have ended their legislative sessions for 2003. That doesn’t mean that all legislative activities have ended for ASHI members. The ASHI Legislative Committee has received requests for assistance from several states where ASHI members are laying the foundations for coalitions with state home inspector associations and others to begin working on plans, including drafts of bills, to introduce if need be next year. In other states, ASHI members deeply involved in efforts to influence bills or rules are working the state capitol hallways to line up allies and cement ties with legislators.

This makes sense. So does something as simple as getting to know your elected state representatives. Get to know your state legislators now. Each ASHI member needs to build a solid, personal relationship with one or more legislators. You never know when you will need their help, and you will be more likely to get a favorable response if they know you and know about home inspection as a profession and a business.

Legislators pay attention to and are influenced by their constituents. They also see certain constituents as experts on a particular issue. If they know you, and know you as a home inspector, they are more likely to come to you whenever issues of home inspector regulation or changes in existing regulation arise.

New and Carried Over Legislation

California SB 31 As previously reported, California introduced a legislative proposal that would require home inspectors to become certified by a “professional home inspection association.” On July 9, the Assembly Committee on Business & Professions held another public hearing on SB 31.  At this hearing, the Committee recommended passage of SB 31 by a vote of 8-5. SB 31 now awaits further actions on the Assembly floor. SB 31 has been placed on the “Inactive File.”