September, 2001
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Know Your MRCs


All ASHI Members and Candidates with logo  use privilege are required to submit Membership Renewal Credits (MRCs) with their membership renewal dues.

As of the dues year beginning October 1, 2000, the requirement became 20 per year.

In addition Candidates are required to submit 20 MRCs per year after they have completed three years in this category.
MRCs are obtained in a number of ways: home study correspondence courses, attendance at ASHI chapter meetings and education events, conducting “ride-alongs” with novice inspectors, writing articles, attending the ASHI Annual Conference, code certification courses, etc. See the MRC Claim Chart for details. The MRC Claim Form also lists the specifics.

Wait to be asked
Do not submit MRCs until you are notified to do so. ASHI will not accept MRC material submitted prior to the membership renewal period. All such material will be returned.     

Administrative Suspension (AS)
All MRCs are due by the end of the ASHI membership year on September 30. However, an extension is available for 60 days following this date. If you do not submit your required MRCs by this 60-day cut-off, but you pay your ASHI membership dues, you will automatically be placed on Administrative Suspension (AS).

Individuals on AS lose all benefits of ASHI membership including The ASHI Reporter, membership pricing discounts, “Find a Home Inspector” on-line search, membership directory and state referral listing, and access to ASHI On-Line Forum.

Full Members, however, retain their status and may vote in official elections. Administrative Suspension remains in place until the required MRCs are submitted or until the end of the current membership year, whichever comes first. If the required MRCs are not submitted before the end of the membership year, the individual is not permitted to renew or reinstate membership in ASHI and must start the membership process over again as a Candidate.

An individual on Administrative Suspension may accumulate MRCs to apply to the deficiency. These MRCs are counted only once and cannot be applied to the following year’s MRC requirement.

Documentation and Audit
No supporting documentation is required with submission of the MRC Claim Form. However, you must retain all documentation for the MRC period. ASHI Staff conducts a random audit of MRCs submitted at the end of the membership year.

Individuals selected in the audit are requested to submit all MRC documentation within 30 days. If documentation supports the reported MRCs, the individual passes the audit. If documentation is not submitted or does not verify the reported MRCs, the individual fails the audit and is placed on Administrative Suspension until the proper documentation is submitted.