July, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Know Your MRCs


All ASHI Members and Candidates with logo use privilege are required to submit Membership Renewal Credits (MRCs) with their membership renewal dues.

The requirement is 20 per year, with up to 10 carried over from 10-01-01 through 10-01-02.

In addition Candidates are required to submit 20 MRCs per year after they have completed three years in this category.

MRCs are obtained in a number of ways: home study correspondence courses, attendance at ASHI chapter meetings and education events, conducting “ride-alongs” with novice inspectors, writing articles, attending the ASHI Annual Conference, code certification courses, etc. See the MRC Claim Chart for details. The MRC Claim Form also lists the specifics.

Wait to be asked!

Do not submit MRCs until you are notified to do so. ASHI will not accept MRC material submitted prior to the membership renewal period. All such material will be returned.