August, 2013
From the ASHI President.
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Just Thinking Out Loud


How many programs have we sponsored over the years that have not worked?

ASHI doesn’t initiate any programs that we think will fail, but there have been some over the years that have looked like they had good potential but did not yield any positive results. There are numerous committees that are responsible for bringing forth proposals that are presented to the Board for review, and many don’t pass the test of getting the Board’s approval.

Now in my mind I know we have some very smart members who are part of the makeup of these committees, and each committee has a Board Liaison who has the responsibility to help guide the committee on their direction to get approval from the Board. And in many cases the Board Liaison will be responsible for making a presentation to the Board on behalf of the committee.

Anytime a proposal passes a Board vote for implementation, there still is a lot of work to be completed. The staff has to prepare the new program to be announced to the membership.
Then the membership has to either get on board with the new program or just ignore it. And then the program, for lack of support, just dies a slow death.

Most often the CoR, along with the Speaker, plays a very prominent role in the approval process of the new program. The Board advises the CoR Speaker, who attends the Board meetings, about the benefits of the new proposed program because the CoR Speaker has the ear of the membership, through the Group Leaders and the CoR Representatives, that such a program will be of value to our membership. These opportunities are a way to seek advice from the membership through the CoR Representatives and the Group Leaders and the Speaker of the CoR.

The benefits of the programs add value to the ASHI membership because they are designed to increase the member’s standing with the public and homebuyers. Use of our services or programs offers a better opportunity for the ASHI member to take advantage of the educational offerings thru Smart Trak or the e-learning catalog or even the ASHI School.

The new button on the ASHI website has a very long list of membership opportunities for our members to look through and see that the Board, staff and the CoR are working to provide as many benefits as possible to our members:

Want to help shape ASHI’s future benefits? Talk to your ASHI Chapter President, talk to your CoR rep, talk to your Group Leader, talk to the CoR Speaker, talk to your Committee Chairs, talk to your committee members, talk to your Board members. All of their contact information is located in the ASHI Reporter each month. 