November, 2019

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It’s All in the Details: A Closer Look At Your New ASHI Membership Badge


Greetings, ASHI Members! November is a good time to give thanks, so I’d like to thank all the members of ASHI for elevating the profession as a whole. The ASHI Membership Team is very thankful to have the privilege of working with you.

In October, many of you received an email from me regarding the newly redesigned ASHI membership badge. I’m so excited about this new design that I want to outline the updates that were made.

Updates to the 
ASHI Badge:

Background Verified Inspector (BVI) Program

We are excited about these design changes to the ASHI Membership Badges and we hope that the new design appeals to you as well. You will receive a new badge the next time you renew your ASHI membership. 

As always, if you have any questions, please contact the ASHI Membership Team at or via phone at 847-759-2820. 

Once again, thank you to each and every ASHI Member!