October, 2009
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Is True Certification Here?


By the time you read this issue of the ASHI Reporter, the results will have been announced. You will know whether or not ASHI’s voting members approved the bylaw additions necessary for ASHI to be a certifying body, thereby giving third-party recognition to the designation of ASHI Certified Inspector.

If you haven’t heard the results, check the ASHI Web site and watch for details in the October issue of The Inspector

Early Renewal Drawing Spinoff

Let the fun continue. Members who renewed their membership in ASHI by Oct. 1, 2009, including all those who participated in the Early Renewal Drawing, were entered in the Second Chance Drawing. Three lucky members, whose names were drawn on Oct. 2, won three nights at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel to be used during InspectionWorld.

Nominating Committees Met in September

The purpose of ASHI’s nominating committees is to identify and name candidates who meet ASHI’s leadership requirements. All contents, discussion and documents from the meetings and their results are strictly confidential.

The Officer Nominating Committee met Sept. 12 to slate candidates for the positions of president-elect, vice president, secretary and treasurer for 2009. The slate will be presented, with any petition candidates, to ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing on Oct. 31. The election closes Dec. 5.Q uestions? Contact Mike Rostescu, miker@ashi.org, or847-954-3189.

The Director Nomination Committee met September 14 by phone to slate candidates to serve as directors on the ASHI board. The ballot will be mailed to council representatives on October 31.

Questions? Contact Russell Daniels, russelld@ashi.org or 847-954-3185.

After the Nomination Committee names its candidates, a petition of 10 percent of ASHI Certified Inspectors in good standing can cause the name of a qualified ASHI Certified Inspector to be added to the ballot for a specific office. For the petition and campaigning information, please see the ASHI Policy and Procedures Manual, available online in the Members Only section of the ASHI Web site.
Ballots will be counted the first week in December and election results will be published in the January 2010 issue of the ASHI Reporter.

Ancillary Standards Hearing Scheduled at I

A hearing to discuss the proposed ancillary standards will be held Wednesday, January 20, 2010, at InspectionWorld Las Vegas. Copies of the standards for Pre-Drywall and Pool and Spa Inspections, with the invitation to comment, are available on the ASHI Web site home page or can be requested from headquarters, sandyb@ashi.org.

ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award

Enrichment, fun, camaraderie, rewards and $750 — The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award for Participation at InspectionWorld can mean that and more for the members of two chapters that finish at the top of their respective categories. Here are the guidelines for the award.

Established by an ASHI member who attributes his personal success as a home inspector and the prosperity of his multi-inspector firm to the ideas and information acquired by regularly attending InspectionWorld, the award was funded with a $15,000 donation, invested by ASHI’s staff, with the proceeds used in accordance with these guidelines:
  1. The ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award shall be presented annually at InspectionWorld for 10 years or however many years funds remain available, commencing with InspectionWorld 2007. The current ASHI president shall present to each winning ASHI chapter a Certificate of Appreciation and an award in the amount of $750. The awards shall be presented at the Annual Destination Luncheon, Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony of InspectionWorld each year.

  2. There shall be awards given for two approximately equal-sized categories. For the 2007 awards and beyond (unless changed by ASHI staff to recognize a new median for chapter size), the categories shall be (i) chapters with 30 members or less, and (ii) chapters with membership of 31 and more. The ASHI chapter in each category with the highest percentage of registration of its members (chapter members shall include ASHI Certified Inspectors and ASHI Associates) to attend InspectionWorld, as determined by the ASHI staff, each shall be awarded the ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award. The award shall be presented to the ASHI chapter president, if in attendance, the council representative or other representative of the winning chapters.

  3. The basis for the awards will be the total confirmed reservations for InspectionWorld for each chapter as of close of business the December 31st preceding the date of InspectionWorld. Immediately thereafter, ASHI staff shall compare the number of registrations for each chapter retrieved from registration forms with the total number of members of that chapter retrieved from the ASHI database to determine the percentage of registration. In case of a tie, ASHI staff shall extend the calculation to the extent necessary to break a tie. If two chapters have identical percentages (e.g., 25 of 100 and 50 of 200), two awards will be given that year.

  4. No chapter shall receive the $750 award more than once every three years. If an ASHI chapter that was awarded the ASHI Chapter Enterprise Award during the previous two-year period qualifies to receive the award for the current year, that chapter shall be recognized and given a Certificate of Appreciation. The ASHI chapter in that membership category with the second highest percentage of participation of its members at InspectionWorld shall also receive a Certificate of Appreciation and the $750 award.
Questions? Contact Russell Daniels, russelld@ashi.org or 847-954-3185.

Countdown to Leadership Training Conference

The 2009 Leadership Training Conference will kick off at noon on Thursday, October 15, and continue through Friday, October 16, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Rosemont, Ill. The conference provides chapters with an opportunity to strengthen current leaders and develop future leaders. The deadline for responding to the invitation has passed, but if those who are planning on attending have questions, they can contact Russell Daniels at russelld@ashi.org.