May, 2004
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ASHI has created INSPECTPAC to solicit political contributions from its members and help elect candidates who understand and appreciate the need for a strong and effective home inspection profession. Americans have a constitutional right, and duty, to participate in the American political process by helping elect candidates of their choice. INSPECTPAC allows ASHI home inspectors to join forces in this effort and to wield a powerful force in helping determine who will cast the votes in Washington, D.C. on critical home inspection issues. It is a fundamental tool for ASHI to help its members control their own destiny. Look for more INSPECTPAC activities soon as ASHI’s influence in Washington, D.C. grows.     

What is a PAC?

PACs are Political Action Committees designed to allow American citizens to exercise their constitutional rights and their need to participate in the political process. Non-profit associations are allowed to form PACs as an efficient and cost-effective way for their members to combine forces in support of candidates who reflect similar business views.


INSPECTPAC raises money to help elect and re-elect candidates to Congress who have an understanding of the home inspection profession, and who are supportive of the profession.

How do I join INSPECTPAC?

Providing support is a two-step process. To join, your company must first file an Authorization to Solicit form, signed by the company’s chief executive officer or principal ASHI company contact. Your authorization to solicit may only be granted to one association per calendar year.

On receipt of the authorization, ASHI will mail you the INSPECTPAC information booklet and donor form.

INSPECTPAC may accept personal contributions only; no corporate contributions are allowed. PAC contributions are not tax deductible. Companies are allowed to contribute to the INSPECTPAC Administration Fund. The specifics are included in the INSPECTPAC information booklet. To learn more, request and return an Authorization to Solicit form now.