April, 2019

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InspectPAC: What It Is & What We Have Accomplished So Far


The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) came into existence in 1976 as our founding members saw a need to create a Standard of Practice and a Code of Ethics for home inspectors to work and live by. To achieve the goal of continued excellence in the field of home inspection, ASHI also saw a need to have a voice within the national government on Capitol Hill. Filling this need was an important goal because regulation and licensing guidelines were on the horizon and would eventually be passed within state governments.

ASHI’s goal was to create a unified voice for all home inspectors on Capitol Hill, mainly in response to others attempting to direct how home inspectors should act, what they should and should not inspect, and what they are liable for during and after a home inspection. ASHI’s leaders and members questioned whether home inspectors should be governed by appraisers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers or the construction industry, and they determined that the answer was absolutely not.

For these reasons, ASHI launched InspectPAC. InspectPAC raises money to help elect and re-elect candidates to Congress who understand the home inspection profession and who are supportive of the profession.

InspectPAC’s initiatives are supported by your voluntary contributions. By lobbying the government to promote home inspection as federal policy, and by defending your revenues and business models to policymakers, ASHI seeks to support, protect and expand the businesses of all ASHI home inspectors. Your contributions to InspectPAC support these actions. 

The following is an overview of ASHI’s lobbying initiatives that affect your revenue, your business and your bottom line:

For information about donating to InspectPAC, send an email with the subject line “InspectPAC Contribution” to Toni Fanizza, Director of Accounting, at tonif@ashi.org.