June, 2015
From the ASHI President.
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Informative and Inspiring Conferences



to attend three informative and inspiring conferences. Mike Crow’s “Three Days of Secrets Revealed” marketing seminar was held in Texas in February, and I had hoped that heading south would get me out of Ontario’s frigid winter weather. So, I left Ontario at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit and arrived in Dallas with temperatures a bit warmer, but still very cold and snowy. I was told that the snow was merely an attempt by my Texas friends to welcome me.

Mike’s goal is to teach the owners of more than 100 home inspector companies how to grow their businesses into million-dollar companies. To do this, the companies would have to have gross revenues over $1 million per year. Obviously, to accomplish this requires hard work and team effort. Mike explained that membership in his organization can take many forms and that, although moving up within the organization takes time, it can easily be accomplished through hard work, commitment and dedication.

Once a home inspector is an established team member, they are surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to succeed. The conference provided many motivational speakers and representatives from businesses who showed and explained many products that would help promote your business and increase growth. To be successful, spending time and money on your business is required. If you have a willingness to invest time and money in your business on the road to success, Mike Crow can help you accomplish those goals.

Mike is a supporter of ASHI and InspectPAC. After Mike explained to the conference attendees what InspectPAC does for the home inspection industry in Washington, D.C., he asked for their support. He raised over $10,000 for InspectPAC. Thanks, Mike, for stepping up to the plate.

I was beginning to think that Texas wanted me to extend my stay, as there were several unexpected happenings at the Dallas airport. First, a plane slid off the runway and then, on Thursday afternoon, the airport shut down completely. Fortunately, my flight to Columbus, OH, took off on Thursday morning, so I made it out of Texas safely and without delay.

While in Columbus, I attended the Ohio Home Inspectors Expo, sponsored by the Ohio Chapter of ASHI, Ohio NAHI and North Central Ohio ASHI. Expo speakers included Alan Carson, Frank Lesh, Joseph Denneler and David Haught. I attended the mock inspection on Friday morning, as well as the classes taught by Alan Carson in the afternoon. I’d like to say thanks to the chapter for presenting a birthday cake to me at lunch. I felt right at home, sharing my birthday with friends. I also attended the Ohio Chapter of ASHI Board of Directors meeting on Friday night. That meeting resulted in good discussions and positive ideas for ASHI’s future. Saturday’s program provided more opportunities for education, and the classes were well-attended and very interesting.

March took me to ASHI’s Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) Spring Conference in Toledo. On Friday, I attended the Peer Review Program/Testing. This program offers a great learning experience for both new and experienced inspectors, and should be adopted by all chapters. GLC’s program is excellent, so if chapters intend to implement such a program, please do not reinvent the wheel. Call the GLC for assistance regarding the development of a peer review program for your chapter. If you do not belong to a chapter, find a chapter that has a peer review program and participate in it. You will not be disappointed.

I also attended the GLC board meeting while at the conference. Good news! Membership is on a steady incline since 2012. Keep up the good work.

Saturday was a full day of events and programs with many good speakers. However, I did have an embarrassing moment when they were having the draw for the door prizes. Everyone who attended received one ticket for the door prizes. After attendees got those tickets, the leftover tickets were put up for sale. To support the chapter, I purchased another 20 tickets. Long story short, I won five prizes! Maybe I should apologize for that, but I think that it’s probably the best way to illustrate what I said earlier: You have to spend money to make money.