December, 2016
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Important Announcements


ASHI’s Standards Committee welcomes public comments about a proposed revision to the Home Inspection Standard of Practice. Comments are requested by December 15, 2016.

The ASHI Standards Committee is accepting comments about a proposed change to the ASHI Standard of Practice for Home Inspections (SoP). The committee encourages people to read this proposed SoP change (see below or on the ASHI website at and provide comments to the committee.

Proposed Addition to ASHI Home Inspection Standard of Practice,
Section 13.3
13.3 Additional Exclusions. Thee inspection performed using this Standard does not include inspections and services performed using ASHI Standards of Professional Practice for Auxiliary Services, unless the inspector and the client speci cally agree in writing to include these additional inspections and services.

Why is this change being proposed? As ASHI develops more ancillary standards of practice, some have expressed concern about clients believing that services addressed in ancillary standards are, or should be, part of a home inspection. The objective of this proposed SoP change is to clarify that services addressed in ancillary standards are not part of a home inspection.

• Direct comments or questions to Bruce Barker (email

• The comment period ends on December 15, 2016.