May, 2018
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If You Use Google Adwords, Should You Use Bing Ads?


Your home inspection business has been getting successful results with Google Adwords. Now you’re thinking of other creative ways to find customers and you’ve been contemplating running Bing Ads as well. You’ve heard of Bing, but you’re not sure what kind of results to expect and, more importantly, whether you will see a return on your investment. In this article, we take a deeper look into Bing Ads to help you determine if it’s something from which your business might benefit.

You may not be familiar with how Bing Ads work but, luckily for you, we did the research. Here is what we found:

Cost-Effective Cost-Per-Click Structure
Bing’s cost-per-click (CPC) structure is similar to Google’s—the cost you pay per click is directly related to the amount of competition and how much each competitor is willing to bid. Currently, not as many companies advertise with Bing as they do with Google. Because there is less competition, the CPC is only about half of what it is with Google! This is an advantage for the advertiser because the cost of the ad is lower and there’s less competition; hence, you are likely to have a higher spot on the paid search results.

(Almost) Flawless Integration with Google Adwords
Google was one of the first to offer pay-per-click ads and paved the way for others to follow. Late entry to the market allowed Bing to learn from the success of others and simplify the process of designing campaigns. For advertisers who already run Google Adwords, you can import your program data into Bing fairly easily. By using the event schedule feature to import data from Google Adwords into Bing, you’ll enable the changes you make to your Google Adwords program to automatically update in Bing.

$100 Startup Credit
Bing hopes to encourage companies to advertise with them by offering a $100 credit to use when you start your campaign. Google will occasionally offer this to new customers, but it recently reduced its promotions for advertisers.

Different Target Audience
Bing users tend to do internet searches using desktop computers and they tend to be older in age. They also tend to know what they need and are willing to pay for what they want. This could potentially mean a higher return on your cost-per-click investment. Most search engine ads use a filter to target and funnel customer leads. However, the Bing customer demographic is different, which could mean higher quality leads.

More Relevant Search Terms 
I wrote in a previous article that maintaining a negative keyword list is crucial for an effective Google Adwords campaign. The reason for this is because Google will display your ad on outrageous variations of your keywords. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Bing. Bing does a much better job of showing your ads when the search is relevant.

Fewer Clicks, but Quality Leads
Bing is not as popular as Google; however, that can actually work to your advantage. For Bing Ads, fewer clicks can actually mean more quality leads, making it more beneficial to your business. You may not see as many clicks as with Google, but the data show a higher return on investment with Bing. 

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