November, 2009
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

I Have a Dream


I am very proud to announce that the bylaw change for adding a Certification Committee was ratified by the membership. You will read about this monumental event elsewhere in this issue. You, as a member, should be very excited and proud of your association, ASHI is the only home inspector association that can state, “Our Members are truly certified.” I want to thank the members for their votes on the bylaw changes. ASHI has had certification in its sights for many years. When we started the Examination Board for Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI), certification was discussed, and it looked like it was going to be a very daunting task. The requirements for certification were way above what we had in place for our membership. Through the years, the Board of Directors tightened membership requirements, and, as such, when it came time to apply for certification, we had most of the requirements complete.

It ain’t your daddy’s ASHI

I said at the beginning of the year that this “ain’t your daddy’s ASHI.” The Board of Directors has helped prove this with the motions it approved to form the ASHI Foundation, ASHI Education, Inc. and applying for third-party certification. Many do not realize exactly what these entities and status can do for ASHI and the profession. I will share my dream of what it can do.

The headlines in every newspaper and Internet blog read: “Every home transaction now includes an ASHI home inspection performed by an ASHI Certified Inspector.”

How’s that for a dream? It could be reality someday, hopefully sooner than we all think. I have long dreamed and worked for ASHI to have greater recognition and impact on the home transaction. Our Board of Directors has taken some of the first steps in making this happen.

My dream of ASHI’s future looks like this:

ASHI has certification in many related home inspection fields such as new construction, pools/spas, fireplace inspections, NFPA 73 existing home electrical inspections and commercial inspections. These are just a a few of the possibilities.

ASHI Certified Inspector is recognized as the only true certified inspector rating by state and federal agencies. States are modifying their licensing and regulations to recognize third-party certified inspectors.

ASHI Education, Inc. (AEI) will be the premier education venue for home inspectors, state licensed inspectors and tradesmen needing CE credits for their certification and licensing needs. AEI will be the largest training provider in the U.S. and Canada. AEI will have high-quality education classes and seminars available for chapters to access and use for their education conferences. AEI is a profit corporation and is profitable, thus allowing better pricing for ASHI members. AEI classes and seminars are approved for state continuing education credits; classes are approved for true CEU credits. AEI has instructor training classes to assure quality instruction. Many ASHI members have been trained to teach these classes.

CPAs and financial advisors accept the ASHI Foundation as a tax-deductible foundation. Members are using the Foundation as an estate-planning tool, and its coffers are growing. The Foundation has received grants that are used for education, scholarships and ASHI chapter conference grants. The Foundation is recognized by other foundations and benefits from that recognition and association. The Foundation works closely with AEI, ASHI and colleges to assist in affordable education for all.

The “ASHI at Home” training program is accepted and used by community colleges and approved for a two-year degree program. Students are able to obtain funding and scholarships from the ASHI Foundation for this degree program. Instructors for this program are the same instructors who teach for AEI.

ASHI’s name and logo are prominent in all of these programs; ASHI membership is offered as part of these programs. ASHI’s membership has grown to over 10,000 members and continues to grow. Homebuyers and sellers realize the importance and need for an ASHI Certified Inspector’s services. The real estate community and ASHI have begun working on joint training programs to inform and educate the public on the importance of an inspection done by an ASHI Certified Inspector. The median income of home inspectors has increased and all involved in the inspection process are benefiting from the highest quality inspections available.

There, you have my dream. I hope it meets with your approval and, with the help and support from all of us, it just might become a reality.