October, 2007
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How to Carry All Your Portable Stuff


If you look into my “tech closet,” you will find, among other things, no less than five “old” computer bags. As my collection of technology tools has grown, so has my need for an efficient way to carry them all.

Now that I'm traveling to one or two states a week, my case1.gifportability needs have become quite demanding. While you probably don't have the same lifestyle, the next time you're considering taking a trip, and want the best bag for the job, consider the “Targus Deluxe Universal Case.”
It's not the best-named bag in the world. It's pretty big for everyday use, and at $100, it's no steal. But, when it comes to durability, organization and volume, it can't be beat.

On one side, this bag carries my notebook and printer in the main compartment. Outside of this is an expanding file folder, key holder and external pocket for maps and travel documents.

On the other side, there’s a general-purpose pocket, a large accessory compartment and fold-down workspace organizer with pockets for everything.

What does this mean in real terms? I carry the following: notebook computer, power adapter and a few floppy disks; printer, printer cable, power supply, scanning attachment and extra ink cartridges; pens; laser pointer; keys; all my travel documents and club cards; letterhead, printing paper, business cards, envelopes and stamps; spare modem and phone cord; cell phone; Palm Pilot; digital camera with adapter, connection cords; glasses; sunglasses; stapler; cable computer lock; 8-foot extension cord, microphone; a good book and a couple of magazines; gum, change and the usual; and yes, there's even a little bit of room left over.

If you're motto is “Don't leave home without it,” then this is your bag!

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