August, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

How Much Do You REALLY Know About ASHI?


How much do you really know about the American  Society of Home Inspector’s history, activities and plans? This month the questions are easy ones and the answers follow at the close of the quiz. Your goal: To become as informed as possible about your Society.

1. What are the dates of ASHI’s next annual conference?

2. Who is the current president of ASHI?

3. Who is the executive director of ASHI?

4. What is ASHI’s Big Audacious Goal?

5. In what year was ASHI founded?

1. January 15-18, 2003   2. Michael Casey   3. Robert Paterkiewciz   4. ASHI will be synonymous with property inspection.   5. 1976