September, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

How Much Do You REALLY Know About ASHI?


Answers follow. The goal is to become as informed as possible about your Society.

1. Name ASHI’s two most prestigious annual awards.
2. Can you name five of the 57 Charter members?
3. How many individuals are employed by ASHI as staff?
4. How many chapters does ASHI have?
5. What is ASHI’s most recently issued paper?

1. Philip C. Monahon Achievement Award, John E. Cox Member of the Year Award

2. Benjamin Aden, PE, Bergenfield, N. J.; Alfred E. Alk; Rowayton, Conn.; Kenneth T. Austin, Bound Brook, N.J.; Walter E. Bauke, Lexington, Mass.; Norman Becker PE, Suffern, N.Y.; Harold H. Bick Sr., Riverdale, N.J.; William G. Binns, Mahopac, N.Y.; William P. Binns, Mahopac, N.Y.; Thomas M. Byrne, Rockaway Park, N.Y.; Edward S. Charkey, PE, New York, N.Y.; J.M. Clesca, New York, N.Y.; T. Daly, Shenorock, N.Y.; Jeffrey B. Downes, Greenwich, Conn.; George A. Engstrom, Upper Montclair, N.J.; Gerald R. Engstrom, Upper Montclair, N.J.; Jules Falcone, Glenolden, Pa; Martin J. Flaherty, Darien, Conn.; Edwin M. Frank, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.; P.J. Garrity, Lexington, Mass.; Jerry Giamanco, Glen Head, N.Y.; Norman P. Goldberg PE, Ventura, Calif.; Kenneth S. Goldblatt, Philadelphia, Pa; Jack Goldring, Bridgeport, Conn.; Marvin “D” Goldstein, Philadelphia, Pa; John J. Heyn, Towson, Md.; Ralph R. Imholte, Lincroft, N.J.; Herbert P. Klaus, PE, Suffern, N.Y.; Robert Lamparelli, Ridgefield, Conn.; Howard Lieberman, PE, Eastchester, N.Y.; Dr. Joseph G. McNeill, PE, Bound Brook, N.J.; Arthur T. Monahon Jr., Watertown, Mass.; Philip C. Monahon, Watertown, Mass.; John A. Murray, PE, Marlborough, Conn.; Paul B. O’Connell, Willow Grove, Pa.; Michael Oshrin, Huntington Station, N.Y.; James B. Paardecamp, Springfield, N.J.; John W. Paardecamp, Springfield, N.J.; Charles C. Packevicz, Branford, Conn.; William N. Papian, PE; Potomac, Md.; Ralph Passaro, Glenbrook, Conn.; Ronald Passaro, Ridgefield, Conn.; Robert J. Pettus, Rowayton, Conn.; Gordon K. Platine, Action, Mass.; Barry N. Poler, PE, East Meadow, N.Y.; Anthony. F. Pollio, PE, East Meadow, N.Y.; Andrew S. Polmer; New Orleans, La.; Sherman S. Price, PE, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Raymond L. Redniss, Stamford, Conn.; Robert L. Redniss, Stamford, Conn.; Dennis J. Santella, East Norwalk, Conn.; Donald W. Shive, Potomac, Md.; Michael J. Silvester, East Hartford, Conn.; Arthur Tauscher, Rockville Centre, N.Y.; Lloyd Temes, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Alvin Ubell, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Claxton Walker, Potomac, Md; Larry H. Warren, PE, East Rochester, N.Y.

3. 14

4. 81

5. The ASHI Position Statement on Regulation of Home Inspectors