October, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors Speak Out


New online Government Action Center adds grassroots punch to accelerating lobbying efforts

Propelled by lobbying activities funded solely through contributions, ASHI established a presence on the playing field of federal housing policy in less than three years. With the debut of the Legislative Action Center on ashi.org, ASHI Membership can now voice support of issues ASHI’s lobbyist is championing on Capitol Hill. Go to Members Only on ashi.org and click on “State/Federal Legislators” to start using the Legislative Action Center.

In February 2000, ASHI contracted with Capitol Hill Advocates (CHA), a Washington DC lobbying firm, to represent the Society. Randall Pence, Esq., president and owner of CHA, plunged into activity on the profession’s behalf. After total lack of attention from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency and on Capitol Hill during the 1990s, today ASHI is increasingly seen as a positive player and a force to be reckoned with in federal housing policy.

Staying in the major leagues

ASHI stepped forward to represent all home inspectors and to advocate for the profession. Contributions to the Government Relations Fund…

• Enable ASHI to retain the services of a Washington lobbyist of proven worth,

• Make it possible to educate policy-makers about the importance of home inspectors in the real estate transaction

• Help to enhance ASHI’s presence as the voice of the home inspection

But there is no guarantee ASHI will be able to maintain and to expand its hard won recognition. Doing so requires continued contributions to the Government Relations Fund, and the willingness of home inspectors to speak out on important issues. For information on contributing to the Fund, see the annual dues notice or contact ASHI at HQ@ashi.org. To speak up about an issue, use the new online Legislative Action Center.

Legislative Action Center a boon to grassroots campaigns

Go to the Members Only section on ashi.org. Click on the “State/Federal Legislators” button to e-mail or to find out how to send a letter to a federal agency or your elected representatives. The new Web site function was available just in time for home inspectors to respond to a request from the American Radon Policy Coalition to support its protest of the exclusion of radon from HUD environmental review regulations. (HUD - 24CFR50). Eventually the Center will provide links to ASHI’s positions on all major home inspection issues.

Grassroots campaigns just got a lot easier, thanks to ashi.org.