June, 2015
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors




Home Inspections in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And, as you might ask, what is a woman doing in the home inspection business?

For me, it began as a wonderful opportunity to not work for an entire year. Since I was looking for a career change and since I had some time to think about what might come next, I decided not to think, “What job do I need to find?” Instead I thought, “What do I want my workday to look like?” I knew I didn't want to sit at a desk all day. I wanted each day to be a little different. I wanted to work for myself and be able to have some control over my schedule. I wanted to work at least part time from home. I had a list of about 10 items.

Within a week, I met a gentleman who mentioned that he did home inspections. Home inspections? Hmm ... he had my attention immediately. Home inspectors don't sit at a desk all day. Each day is different. Most work for themselves. I quickly realized that, as a home inspector, I would be able to check off every item on my list! Plus, I had pretty extensive experience in home remodeling. Not just painting and making things look pretty, but adding walls, removing walls and learning how to correct the situation when I removed a wall that I shouldn't have removed! I've soldered plumbing in crawl spaces and run wiring in attics. So, I figured that I already knew a lot about how houses are built. What else would I need to learn?

I began to investigate the home inspector training courses available in Colorado and chose The ASHI School. I found the training material thorough and professionally prepared and, best of all, presented by instructors who were still active in the inspection business. Even though I was the only woman in the class, I felt perfectly comfortable with my instructors, and every one of my classmates encouraged me and made me feel at home. I knew the decision to change my career path was the right decision, but I also understood that there was more I needed to know in order to “get out there” and perform inspections on my own. I needed a mentor.

I found the Colorado Springs ASHI Chapter of Home Inspectors, and there I met Bob Walstead, an ASHI Certified Inspector and owner of Nationwide Property Services. He had more than 30 years’ experience inspecting homes in the area. Who better to mentor me? Bob was very willing to share his knowledge and experience with me, just as he has with many other inspectors who now have their own businesses. He allowed me to go with him to every inspection I was able to attend. They say “knowledge is power.” Well, Bob imparted vast amounts of knowledge at each inspection and I began to feel I was ready to perform my own inspections.

I believe that women inspectors have the ability to bring a slightly different perspective to the home inspection industry. I really enjoy working with first-time, single female homebuyers, who (I was surprised to find out) are the second largest demographic in the homebuying market. I understand firsthand what a big step it is to buy your first home on your own. I really welcome the opportunity to show other women the inner workings of house systems, structure and maintenance. I enjoy giving them an understanding of and confidence in their first venture as a homeowner. I also appreciate being an example to other women who might want to get into the home inspection business. If any new or curious women home inspectors wish to contact me for questions or input, I can be reached at 719-502-5231.