March, 2015
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors




When I was a little kid,

my mom took me to home shows and vacant houses for sale. I found it all quite interesting, especially the vacant homes with holes in the floors and walls. What was in there? What else is broken?

I’ve always been in a predominantly male career field. Traditional female positions never appealed to me. I learned about home inspectors about six years prior to retiring from 20 years as an Air Force munitions system specialist. Sign me up!

I dabbled as a part-time independent inspector until just after my retirement from the Air Force. After a short break, I kicked it into gear. My first method of marketing was to carry a printed report to three-four open houses each Saturday and Sunday. The realtors were a captive audience. This worked in my favor and business doubled for the first five years, with good increases every year after that (with the exception of 2012).

During the time I spent cornering, I mean “marketing to,” realtors, I met with a mix of reactions. “I don’t want to hire a girl. What does she know about construction?” “I want to hire the girl. Girls have an eye for detail.” “She’s too young.” (I was 38 way back then). “I don’t want to hire her, she’s not an engineer.” Know what I realized? I don’t care what their excuse is. I’m just going to do the best I can every day. And if one person won’t hire me, I know there are five more who will.

It’s been 18½ years since I completed my initial home inspector training. My successes have been such that I no longer have a life of my own and have had to make some decisions. Do I cut back and disappoint my clients and realtors? Or do I grow from owning my job to owning a business?

I chose … both, growth and cutting back. This year my LLC is employing three new inspectors, which gives me an opportunity to increase the number and variety of jobs performed by my company. It also gives me a chance to cut back on the amount of inspections I perform personally.

My future will be what I make it.

Home inspection is such an amazing industry to be a part of and we have great resources at our disposal, the first being ASHI. So get out there and show ’em what you’re made of.