March, 2010
From the ASHI President.
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Governance Change: A Step Toward Going From Good to Great


After more than two years of study, the ASHI Board of Directors voted to make some modifications to our governance structure. For most of our members, ASHI governance is not high on their list of priorities, but for the elected leadership, it is the structure that allows us to function. It is important for associations such as ASHI to periodically evaluate how we function and how decisions are made.

Looking at how the most successful associations function

Several task forces looked at how we govern. Input from a consultant who is an expert in association governance was also obtained. The ASHI Board of Directors looked at how the most successful associations function and also how to institute meaningful change while respecting our current system, which encompasses a Council of Representatives. Ultimately, three motions were passed by the Board of Directors.

Reducing the size of the Board

The first motion reduces the size of the board from its current size of 21 members to 15 members. Rather than five officers, we will have three. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be appointed to sitting directors, and the board of directors will select the position of president-elect. The position of vice president will be eliminated. The size of the board will be reduced over three years. This change will also improve our bottom line, allowing us to allocate more resources to member benefits.

Tapping a larger pool for leaders

The second motion changes the structure of the nominating committee and eligibility to run for the position of director. Currently, directors can come only from the council and are elected by the council. Under the proposed changes, any Certified Member in good standing may be elected to the ASHI Board of Directors. They will be elected from the membership at large rather than from the Council. The nominating committee will consist of a total of eight members, four board directors, the Speaker of the COR and three additional council reps. The emphasis will be on finding the best leadership for the organization.

Doing a better job with our chapters

The third motion created a task force to gain input and study how ASHI can do a better job of supporting and working in conjunction with our chapters. For most of our membership, the chapter experience is where education and networking takes place. Many of our chapters are in need of support, and we need to better understand how to serve their needs. It is our hope that the council will play a meaningful role in chapter support.

Supporting proposed changes

Most of our membership is not involved in the day-to-day operations of our society, yet your elected leadership is striving to do a better job and provide membership value. These changes will require Bylaws ratification by our membership and will be presented once review by the Bylaws Committee is complete. The ASHI Board of Directors respectfully asks our membership to support these changes.