April, 2007
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Going Beyond "Thank You"


It’s not enough to just say “Thank You!” for business directed to you by family, friends, past clients and business associates.

Look for opportunities to let these people know you genuinely appreciate what they’ve done by recognizing them as individuals, not just referral sources, not just sources for business.

All of us like to be recognized and acknowledged for what we do, so regularly scan the “In The News,” “Realtor of the Month” and other business columns in local trade, business and daily and weekend newspapers. See a familiar name? BINGO! Call that person and congratulate him or her on the promotion, achievement or publicized success. Or, send a handwritten note (and handwritten envelope) to say “Good Job!” or “Congratulations!” See them on the street? A sincere handshake while repeating your congratulations will be appreciated.

A person’s birthday is another opportunity. Who doesn’t like to hear, “Happy Birthday. Have a great day!” A birthday phone call takes just a few minutes and it lets the person know you care enough to remember his or her special day.

These are a few examples of how to stay in touch with those in your relationship world. Watch for opportunities to show people you care about them, and they (hopefully) will care about you.