June, 2009
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

GUMs: Groups of Unaffiliated Members


ASHI Bylaws:

5.3.2 Council representation may be established by groups of voting members of the Society who are not affiliated with a chapter eligible for representation. A minimum of 10 such voting members in good standing shall sign and submit to ASHI an approved petition form …

Council of Representatives’ Policy and Procedures:

3.1  Council -  Makeup

The body of the Council shall be made up of one or more representatives of each of the qualifying chapters or approved groups of unaffiliated members (GUM) …

Although ASHI members who are not affiliated with a chapter can be represented on the council, they may be perceived as having no direct path to serving on the Board of Directors, since all candidates for the position must be serving on the council.

I understand 40 percent or more of our members do not belong to a chapter.  Of course, all members, whether or not they belong to a chapter, may simply pick up the phone or send an e-mail to any council representative, group leader, ASHI director or officer. Additionally, I promote the ASHI Forum, where all members can comment and participate.

But what if a member wants to be involved as a leader?

What if a member wants to express his/her views at lower levels of the ASHI hierarchy? 

Although unaffiliated members seemingly have limited exposure to the steps one must follow to pursue leadership service, the authority to create “GUM Chapters” (Groups of Unaffiliated Members) with their own council representatives addresses this concern.

The council does represent ASHI’s chapters. It also represents all individual ASHI members. As council representatives, we will make every attempt to assist members who are not affiliated with a chapter have a venue for representation. We would like all members, chapter-affiliated or not, to please consider contacting any member of the council, including the group leaders and/or myself to open a dialog. Communication is the best path to understanding. Having the means to get our thoughts across contributes to a successful organization.

I strongly ask unaffiliated members to consider joining one of ASHI’s fine chapters. As a member of a chapter, I find personal enjoyment from it, most importantly with my fellow inspectors. The chapter’s educational programs enhance my ability to provide service to my clients. A chapter is a great skill builder. A chapter does provide source leads for my business.

Please, the CoR is just a phone call away!

CoR Speaker and Group Leader Contact Info

Howard Pegelow, Speaker
414-545-4186, hpegelow@yahoo.com

Bob Walstead, Alt Speaker, Mountain – Group Leader
719-495-2652, rwalstead@aol.com

Lisa Alajajian-Giroux, New England/Canada Group Leader
508-634-2010, homequest1@comcast.net

Jerry Santangini, New York/New Jersey Group Leader
856-232-6607, jsantangini@comcast.net

Mark Londner, Mid-Atlantic – Group Leader
540-668-6339, Mark@LBIhome.com

Bob Peterson, Midwest – Group Leader
317-440-7498, inspectorbobp@sbcglobal.net

Keven Kossler, South Atlantic – Group Leader
704-399-1177, inspect@castlenc.net

Larry Cerro, Gulf – Group Leader
850-222-4404, larrycerro@comcast.net

Randy Sipe, South Midwest – Group Leader
913-856-4515, randy@familyhomeinspections.com

John Biegalski, North Central – Group Leader
610-992-1252, jjbiegalski@yahoo.com

Marygail Sullivan, Pacific – Group Leader
503-735-0204, ashisully@gbpackersfan.com