October, 2013
From the ASHI President.
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Future Leadership


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Future Leadership


THE ASHI OFFICER AND BOARD OF DIRECTOR ELECTIONS ARE COMING SOON, and you need to decide which people will represent the interests of ASHI, not just for next year but for the immediate future.


The COR plays a pivotal role in the selection of the ASHI Officers for next year from the Officers Nominating Committee. Be sure to read each candidate’s matrix for the information that will help you decide their qualifications for serving the membership. All of the officer selections who are elected will serve for one year except the Treasurer, who can serve two additional one-year terms. The COR also has a Director’s Nominating Committee that selects the next five board members who serve for three years, plus an alternate who could be very important if anyone cannot fulfill his or her three-year term.


What does an officer need to have to serve the membership? A great willingness to sacrifice personal time away from family; good decision-making abilities to be sure the ASHI business is taken care of; there are Board meetings; serving as a Board Liaison to a committee; possible task-force work (committee work); participation in Board meetings and preparing motions for the Board to consider while keeping in mind the best interests of the membership.


Motions that will not serve the best interests of the membership and ASHI are a waste of time and effort, so careful study needs to be completed before voting on motions that could affect the operations and the membership value. Timely information to the membership through articles in the ASHI Reporter, the ASHI Chapter meetings and the ASHI “First Thing” are ways to seek the pulse of the membership through discussions about changes to our Bylaws and Policy and Procedures. The ASHI ACIs membership votes on the officers’ slate.


The COR always plays a very important part in any considerations that come before the ASHI Board. The COR Speaker, who attends the board meeting, along with the COR group leaders and the COR representatives are a conduit for information back and forth from the chapters and general membership to the board.


The Board of Directors who are elected will also have to sacrifice their time and efforts from family and business matters to serve the membership. Even more important is the COR, which selects the next five Directors, plus the alternate, and actually votes on the Directors amongst themselves. The ASHI general membership does not vote on the Directors.


So when searching for leaders, where does the Nominating Committee look? There are the existing Officers and Directors who can furnish a pool for selections of Officers and the Board, ASHI COR Group Leaders, COR Reps, Chapter Presidents, Committee Chairs, Committee Members, some past Board members. The upcoming ASHI LTC training in Chicago on October 16th and 17th is a good opportunity for current Chapter Leaders to get additional training, not just for their Chapters, but a look at the next step after service to the Chapter.


Seeking a position of responsibility in the leadership of ASHI is not to be taken lightly; there’s a lot of work that needs to be done and hard-working, dedicated leaders will certainly help steer the ASHI programs
in the right direction for ASHI’s future.