February, 2005

Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Frosty Freeze


Postcard-spigot.gifFrosty Freeze

Who says frost-free spigots won’t freeze?  This one had a slight leak.

Jack Wendel

Home Pride Inspection
Cleveland, Ohio


I found this on a recent inspection. When the toilet was flushed, water and whatever spurted out around this bottle.

Daniel Dunham   
Englewood Home Inspections   
Rotonda West, FL

Postcard-dryer.gifLotsa lint

And they wondered why their clothes took so long to dry in the dryer!  This dryer vent duct in the attic had this hole in it and it was completely full of lint.

Stephen Giesen

Home Survey, Inc.
Manassas, Virginia

Beam.gifNo support

I hope there is never an earthquake near this house!!

Stephen Giesen
Home Survey, Inc.
Manassas, Virginia