April, 2009
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

From the Speaker


CoR Communications Group

Previously, I provided a brief history of the council and introduced you to the speaker, alternate speaker and group leaders. We sincerely hope you contact us with questions and comments. We are here for the members—we speak your voice to ASHI.

Now, I would like to introduce the CoR Communications Group (CCG). You may have heard of the CCG and wondered how it was formed, by whom and for what purpose.

To explain, I quote Group Leader, CCG Chair, Mark Londner:

“The CCG is a group of accountable volunteers, structured to brainstorm whatever subjects come to its attention.  Some issues it may be able to
resolve and/or implement; others are passed on to the Council Communications Committee (CCC) as issues recommended to be addressed through proper ASHI entities.  Its goal is to have the results of such efforts submitted to appropriate individual task forces, committees and/or ASHI staff personnel, to specifically analyze and develop recommendations for implementation.

“The CCG is loosely structured, as everyone’s ideas and beliefs are equally pertinent. As a group, it falls under no official guidelines or policies, has no mandated tasks or timelines — it controls its own destiny and success. The CCG is able to adjust its priorities however/whenever it may choose. What it brings new to the table is a vehicle to collect concerns and wants from the very grass roots of our society. The CCG intends to represent all aspects of ASHI and welcomes input from all entities — staff, Board, CoR, committees, task forces, group leaders, as well as the general membership.”

As you see, the CCG is a “sounding board” of sorts; a place where all of ASHI alike can express opinions and ideas and contribute to a continuing open dialogue with hopeful considerations for action by appropriate authorities.

 I request you visit the ASHI forum discussion boards. You will find the CoR Communication Group listed under the heading of Membership. The CCG is open to all ASHI members. Please use it. It benefits all of us.


CoR Speaker & Group Leader Contact Info

Howard Pegelow, Speaker
Great Lakes Chapter
414-545-4186, hpegelow@yahoo.com

Bob Walstead, Alt Speaker, Mountain –
Group Leader
Southern Colorado Chapter
719-495-2652, rwalstead@aol.com

Lisa Alajajian-Giroux, New England/
Canada Group Leader
New England Chapter
508-634-2010, homequest1@comcast.net

Jerry Sanangini, New York/New Jersey
Group Leader
Southern New Jersey Chapter
856-232-6607, jsantangini@comcast.net

Mark Londner, Mid-Atlantic – Group Leader
540-668-6339, Mark@LBIhome.com

Bob Peterson, Midwest – Group Leader
Great Lakes Chapter
317-440-7498, inspectorbobp@sbcglobal.net

Keven Kossler, South Atlantic – Group Leader
North Carolina Chapter
704-578-9803, inspect@castlenc.net

Larry Cerro, Gulf – Group Leader
FLA-ASHI    Chapter
850-222-4404, larrycerro@comcast.net

Randy Sipe, South Midwest – Group Leader
Great Plains Chapter
913-856-4515, randy@familyhomeinspections.com

John Biegalski, North Central – Group Leader
Tri-State Chapter
610-992-1252, jjbiegalski@yahoo.com

Mary Gail Sullivan, Pacific – Group Leader
Oregon Chapter
503-735-0204, ashisully@gbpackersfan.com