December, 2010
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

From the Speaker: The Council and the Future


At the time of this writing, the voting members of our society have several items before them to consider. Their considerations will shape our society, both today and in the future. They will be exercising their right to vote for what is in the best interest of ASHI and the membership. They will not be taking this right lightly. They’re dedicated and well informed. They believe in our society and know what is best for all.

The voting members are choosing two members to serve on the ASHI Certification Committee. This committee is tasked to develop certificate and certification programs that will assist members who wish to diversify their businesses. We all want to succeed in business. We also want to see our fellow inspector members succeed. The Certification Committee partners with us to reach our goals. We are many, but in reality we’re one. Being “third-party certified” puts all of us far above others in the home inspection profession.

Voting members are considering two sets of proposed standards: Pre-Drywall inspections and Pool & Spa inspections. These standards, along with future ancillary standards, will enhance the presence of ASHI and its members throughout the real estate community. They prove our members are the best, most qualified professionals.

Voting members and council representatives are electing our leaders, leaders who accept the responsibilities of their offices and who will work together in the best interest of ASHI and the members. Those casting votes received candidates’ matrices and will be electing the best of the best. They do not take their responsibilities lightly. We are all professionals.

Voting members are considering a future governance model consistent with viewpoints arrived at by due deliberation. Members have had an opportunity to thoroughly review the proposed amendment and ask numerous questions. The results will be a vote of confidence in the new model or the current one.

What about the Council? The Council of Representatives will remain an entity. It has changed over the years, adapting to the present while looking to the future. It will continue to assist in selecting and electing ASHI’s leaders, and to work with the committees and the board in the best interest of our chapters and members. As always, it will offer advice proposed by the membership to the Board. It will not go away. It was created to be a conduit and will remain a conduit.

In closing, the council and I make one request of those of you who are voting: Please review all the materials, and vote for what is best for ASHI.