April, 2010
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From the Speaker: More 2010 Group Leaders


I introduced some of the Group Leaders last month. Let’s continue.

Keven Kossler,
South Atlantic Group – is the owner of Castle Home Inspections, which was started on the “Jersey Shore” in 1986. He mentions that after 18 years of marriage to his wonderful wife, Kim, they were blessed with a “true love” — their son, Hunter, who is now almost five. They reside in Charlotte, N.C., and Keven says his only vice is spending time with his wife and son on vacations, just enjoying life.

Bob Sisson,
Mid Atlantic Group – joined ASHI in 2003. He has served on the MAC-ASHI Chapter board, and presently is a member of ASHI’s PR Committee. When not doing inspections, Bob enjoys playing with electric vehicles, home automations and cooking. Bob and his wife, Welmoed, have been married for 23 blessed years and this year became empty nesters, with their two children at college. Welmoed has taken home inspections courses, and  helps Bob with the business.

Glenn Gogal,
New England/Canada Group – resides in the” Land of the Winter Olympics.” An ASHI member for six years, he has been a director and an officer, including president, for Ontario CAHPI. Glen likes to travel throughout the world. He is hard working and a welcomed new group leader.

John Biegalski,
North Central Group – has over 30 years of inspection and construction industry experience. He is the president of  Tri-State Chapter and has served in many chapter positions. John has been married to Barbara for 16 years. She is from Bonn, Germany, and is an elementary school nurse. They have three children: Charlotte (Charlie), 13; Timothy (Timmy), 11; and Lucas (Lukie), 4-½. When John is not inspecting or working on national ASHI awareness in Washington, D.C., he and his family retire to their mountain retreat to enjoy the wonders of nature. If you happen to visit John’s area, look him up and maybe you will be invited up to the mountain retreat.

Lisa “Al” Alajajion-Giroux,
Council Secretary – has been inspecting since 1993, and has been a director and president of the New England Chapter. She is a past group leader for the England/Canada Group. Lisa mentioned that she lives in “WeightWatchers hell.” And, we all know the result: a trim, sleek inspecting machine. She described herself as “Over all, I’m a boring person who works a good deal.” However, a little bird told me she enjoyed the recent visit to Las Vegas. They say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”… can‘t wait until 2013 when ASHI returns.

And a little about myself, the current Speaker of the CoR. I’m retired from my city’s police department … received my first SS check in November. I own and operate an investigation agency, a company within which I incorporated home inspection. I have been an ASHI member since 1998, and I’ve served as the president and in many other leadership positions for the Great Lakes Chapter.  I also belong to the Arizona Chapter, with the hope (as soon as my wife retires) of retiring to Gilbert, Ariz. … got a home inspection coming from one of ASHI best-respected inspectors … right, Scott Warga?

I sincerely hope you feel free to contact any of the group leaders, Bob (Walstead) or myself. We are here to serve the needs of the council and, more importantly, the members of our great society … you!

Please join all of us on the ASHI Forum.

Contact Info for 2010 CoR Speaker and Group Leaders

Howard Pegelow, Speaker

Bob Walstead, Alternate Speaker

Glenn Gogal, New England/Canada Group Leader, 416-604-1280

Jerry Sanangini, New York/New Jersey Group Leader

Bob Sisson, Mid-Atlantic Group Leader

Ed Massart, Midwest Group Leader

Keven Kossler, South Atlantic Group Leader

Phil Smith, Gulf Group Leader

John Clason, South Midwest Group Leader

John Biegalski, North Central  Group Leader

Alan Blaker, Mountain Group Leader

Skip Walker, Pacific Group Leader

Lisa Alajajian-Giroux, Council Secretary