May, 2010
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From the Speaker: Giving Back


Two simple words: giving back. To some, this means providing charitable monetary considerations to our places of worship. Or, to the many charitable organizations we all have come to know. Some might even consider those few dollars we get back from our children from those loans of time gone by only to re-loan with them.

These acts of kindness should be part of our everyday purpose. I wonder if time is spent on other ways of giving back? Yes, home inspectors are taking the time to participate in programs to help others. An inspector in Arizona is pedaling a bike 150 miles for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Others volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Many of us participate in programs like Once a Month on Saturday and Rebuilding Together or various non-profit organizations that seek out neighbors and help as needed. This might mean cleaning up yards and neighborhoods, replacing a window or two, painting some trim or a bedroom wall. Sometimes, it simply is running an errand or just coming over for a chat.

Many of our members do assist as needed — giving back — in some manner. I wonder if we’re involved with our society as best we could be? Why do some inspectors join ASHI, but not join a chapter? Did you know any small group of members can start a chapter by contacting the Director of Chapter Relations (Russell K. Daniels) at ASHI headquarters and requesting a chapter formation form? The ASHI Board of Directors approves new chapters. If a chapter isn’t your cup of tea, maybe consider a “SIG” (Special Interest Group) that is attached to an existing chapter. There also are GUMs (Groups of Unaffiliated Members) and Virtual Chapters, which are formed via the internet for members with similar interests. All have been created to help ASHI members come together for multiple purposes such as education, peer gathering, networking, etc.

However, as important as it is for chapter membership to benefit members, how many chapter members give back to the chapters? One might respond that they pay their dues — isn’t that giving back? Yes, dues are necessary for the chapters to function, but what about giving back in the form of assistance? Someone has to run the chapters. The chapters are not self-operating. There is a need for officers, directors and committees. Members may say their time is limited, too limited to assist with day-to-day operations. This may be true. However, what about the relatively short time needed to bring our newer, inexperienced members to the home inspection profession by mentoring?

Mentoring can be a telephone call or  taking a member on an inspection.

Remember the time when we (way back when) entered this profession?

What about offering to assist during chapter meetings and training conferences? Sometimes the simple task of handing out materials can be of great assistance.

How about completing surveys authored by committees, task forces, staff and council? Your replies are greatly needed for the future of our society. Even though we are many, we are really one.

In closing, the council asks each of you to please consider giving back. There are many needs for all of us to consider  as a way to give back.

Please join all of us on the ASHI Forum.


Contact Info for 2010 CoR Speaker and Group Leaders

Howard Pegelow, Speaker

Bob Walstead, Alternate Speaker

Glenn Gogal, New England/Canada Group Leader, 416-604-1280

Jerry Sanangini, New York/New Jersey Group Leader

Bob Sisson, Mid-Atlantic Group Leader

Ed Massart, Midwest Group Leader

Keven Kossler, South Atlantic Group Leader

Phil Smith, Gulf Group Leader

John Clason, South Midwest Group Leader

John Biegalski, North Central  Group Leader

Alan Blaker, Mountain Group Leader

Skip Walker, Pacific Group Leader

Lisa Alajajian-Giroux, Council Secretary