February, 2010
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

From the Speaker: CoR vs. ASHI BoD


I start this article by bringing attention to what seems to be a recurring myth, specifically that ASHI is governed by two separate entities: “The Board of Directors” and “The Council of Representatives.”

During last October’s Leadership Training Conference, a member who is not a council representative asked me about this perception. It reminded me that this myth has been around in the past and apparently continues even today.

Granted, back in the days before 1994, there may have been disorder to the point of stalling matters before the board, which numbered 50-plus members. The council was created to curtail such disorder and to work in conjunction with the ASHI board, committees, chapters and, more importantly, the general membership.

Conjunction is the key element. The board, by design, governs our society, fulfilling the mission statement as set forth. The council, by design, was enacted to be the conduit (voice, if you will) between the membership and the board. In those early “stone-age” days before computers, this responsibility was at the forefront. The board not only needed, but required, such exchanges of information in order to properly function for the benefit of all.

In answer to those who ask or wonder … the council is not the governing body of ASHI. The ASHI Board of Directors is. The council is an assistant with a “working relationship” with the board and all ASHI entities. We are all many … working as one.

As mentioned before, the council was created to assist in the election process within ASHI. Elected council members join in on the two nomination committees that review submitted matrix applications from those seeking officer and director positions. The committees develop the slates of officers and directors for the voting process. The officer slate is presented to voting members and the director slate is presented to council representatives.

It was the intent, through the development of the council that membership within must come from ASHI chapters and Groups of Unaffiliated Members who submit candidates from within their respective entity who have expressed their desire to proceed up the ladder to the board and officer positions of leadership.

By the time this article is published, the ASHI board will have seen and  discussed all submitted forms of governance models. It is the council’s sincere intent that the board looks to the future with the knowledge of the past and present. The council is here to assist as needed. All leaders of ASHI, being chapter, GUMs, council, committees and the board with officers, work for just one entity … you, the membership!  So, you see, there is no CoR vs. ASHI BoD, just one American Society of Home Inspectors.