May, 2010
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From Coast to Coast, Including Your Neighborhood


From Los Angeles and San Diego to Arizona, the effects of the earthquake that hit Mexico on Sunday, April 4th rocked buildings and sent residents seeking a place of safety.

On April 5th, a reporter from a major Arizona daily newspaper called ASHI’s public relations representative to arrange an interview with a local ASHI home inspector for a story advising homeowners what they should be checking even if their homes appeared to have come through the quake unscathed.

This is just one recent example of how ASHI continues to be the go-to source for columnists, editors and reporters addressing real estate-related issues.

Syndication plus hot topics equals nationwide exposureASHI welcomes all inquiries, but especially appreciates those from syndicated columnists.

When a syndicated columnist interviews an ASHI spokesperson about a hot topic, it can go viral, and you’ll likely see the column in your local newspaper or on the Internet.

For instance, Amy Hoak, who writes a column for MarketWatch, interviewed Bill Richardson, ASHI past-president, for an article titled “Bigger Picture: Beyond the mortgage payment, brace yourself for some extra costs.” The column appeared in The Seattle Times, St. Louis Post Dispatch, The Idaho Statesman and The Conway Daily Sun (N.H.), to name just a few of the publications.

Richardson also contributed to a column by Marilyn Kennedy, CTW Features, which was published as “Suitable for Sale” and as “Buyers, sellers must negotiate nitpicks that come to surface during an inspection.” It, too, was published countrywide, from Ithaca, N.Y., to Escondido, Calif., and from Grand Junction, Colo., to Dallas, Texas, and many places in between.

David Tamny, 2010 ASHI president, contributed to columns gaining ASHI a strong Internet presence. He was quoted in the column “Should you buy a home that’s been vacant,” which was picked up by Yahoo! Finance.

The feature “Your Guide to Outdoor Maintenance – Midwest,” on was based on information provided by Tamny and ASHI. It alerted those who use the World Wide Web  that ASHI inspectors know homes and can provide answers to their questions.

Each month ASHI receives clippings from ASHI’s media presence. Even when there has not been recent contact between ASHI and a columnist or reporter, many regularly recommend that consumers contact an ASHI inspector, usually directing them to the ASHI Web site.

ASHI’s reputation has been established over the past 34 years, and the current public relations program continues to expand and solidify it with consumers and real estate professionals.