February, 2007
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Focus on Standards


The ASHI Standards of Practice Committee is charged with developing and maintaining the ASHI Standards of Practice and answering Requests for Interpretation (RFI) of it.

Each month, in Focus on Standards, we present one or more RFIs and the responses developed by the committee. The membership is encouraged to submit RFIs to the committee if serious questions about the Standards of Practice should arise. The necessary form is available at the ASHI Web site under Downloads/ASHI Forms & Documents.

This month’s RFI deals with providing written repair estimates in reports.

—John Cranor, Chair, 2006 ASHI Standards of Practice Committee


Request for interpretation

S050531 – What is ASHI’s policy regarding providing written repair/replacement estimates in our reports? I am often asked to provide this, but have found nothing in the SOP or COE that addresses this.


The ASHI Standards of Practice does not require or prohibit including repair or replacement cost in the inspection report as long as the inspector is qualified and
willing to do so.

SOP sections that could apply are as follows:

2.3.B  These Standards of Practice are not intended to limit inspectors from designing or specifying repairs, provided the inspector is appropriately qualified and will do so.

13.1.A  The inspector is NOT required to perform any action or make any determination unless specifically stated in these Standards of Practice.  

13.2.A.5  Inspectors are NOT required to determine the methods, materials or the cost of corrections.

13.2B.1  Inspectors are NOT required to offer or perform any act or service contrary to law.