March, 2018
Discussion from Executive Director
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

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When it comes to home inspection conferences, IW has no equal.

InspectionWorld® 2018 Orlando offered…

  • more courses (45)
  • more exhibitors (106)
  • more Grab ’n Go courses (10)
  • more pre- and post-conference courses (9)
  • more Allied Associations in attendance (9)
  • more multi-inspector firms (26)
  • more veterans honored and recognized (80)
  • most importantly, more attendees (1,225 final attendance number)!

For a complete rundown of IW 2018, go to and click on InspectionWorld.

Including the pre- and post-conference courses, ASHI Director of Education and Events Michele George coordinated more than nine days of top-notch home inspection–related education. One of my favorites was the “Live” Home Inspection Class. Mike Rostescu, Chris Karczewski, Juraj Ilavsky and Kate Laurent broadcast from a house selected by local inspectors, who went through it just like they would an actual home inspection. Classroom attendees watched the inspection live, asking questions and conversing with the inspectors on site. This year, with the cooperation of Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) President Manny Gonzales and his board of directors, we had FABI members (Jon Bolton, Bo Passen, Brad Scott and FABI Vice President Jean Anne Baker) at the house for the inspection.

Back in the classroom, FABI Immediate Past-President Ralph Cabal and FABI board members Kelly Gibson and John Shishilla helped answer Florida-specific questions. And finally, as an added benefit, we had Peter Hopkins of United Infrared going over his infrared (IR) findings and doing a sewer scope inspection of the house.

All in all, we had the best group of professionals north of the Florida Keys and east of San Diego, CA, showing some of the problems that all inspectors have found, will find or should find during their careers. To see the actual inspection, go to:

It’s not possible for one person to write about every session we had at IW because there’s no way to be in every classroom or attend every course, but the smorgasbord of choices is enticing. The hardest part is choosing the ones you want to ingest.

A huge part of IW, aside from the classes, though, is the exhibit hall. ASHI Director of Marketing and Business Development Dave Kogan outdid himself again in corralling the best exhibitors ever assembled for the best home inspection conference in the world. Without a doubt, if it wasn’t at IW, you don’t need it. Also, ASHI’s Membership Team, Jen Gallegos, Micael Krauszowski and George Herrera, manned the ASHI booth in the exhibit hall to answer questions from attendees.

Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator Bonnie Bruno did an exemplary job of keeping me on schedule for all of my meetings… not an easy task when all I want to do is talk to the inspector friends I may not see but once a year.

Registration for IW this year was an example of how technology has improved the check-in process. This year, Toni Fanizza, Janet George, Michelle Santiago and Russell Daniels from the ASHI staff managed the streamlined process. By typing in their names, pre-registered attendees saw their information pop up on an iPad and then immediately received personalized badges with RFID codes that allowed them access to the conference.

One thing I’d like to stress is that, although modern technology is an important part of our lives, there is no substitute for rubbing elbows and exchanging war stories in person with other professionals. Certainly, we can chat online and share images, but it’s just not the same as being there.

It won’t be long before we’ll be talking about IW 2019 in San Diego.
So, stay tuned and keep safe.