July, 2002
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Electronic or Paper is the Choice for Participating in Important Survey


When reporters, broadcasters, legislators, government agencies and other interested parties want to know about the home inspection profession, who do they ask? ASHI of course. ASHI is able to provide authoritative answers to their questions in part because of the Membership’s willingness to participate in a business operation survey, which provides data for the Business Operation Study. Soon the Membership will be invited to participate in the latest survey, and the good news is it can be done with ease online. The usual paper survey will be mailed, but please consider making life easier for yourself and ASHI by following the directions in the same envelope for using the secure Web site set up specifically for your participation.

In addition to supporting your Society by providing information for this valuable Study, you’ll be earning the right to purchase the completed Study at a special participant price.

ASHI representative reports on involvement in AARST’s development of Radon Mitigation Standards

When AARST asked for ASHI's involvement in the development of Radon Mitigation Standards, Tim Tucker, a Council Rep from Indiana, was asked to serve as ASHI’s official representative.

He recently attended the first official meeting of the Consortium, and reported, “The ASHI Society would be proud of the headway that was made between all of the delegates representing these fine organizations AARST, NEHA, EPA, CCRP and ASHI.”

Working together to build chapter membership

In June HQ conducted a national membership recruitment drive by mailing information to all people identified as “prospects” due to their prior contact with ASHI. HQ also sent Chapter Presidents letters to use as a local follow up to the national campaign.

The Chapter Incentive Coupon is also a valuable tool in building local organizations. It is available online at ashi.org, or can be ob-tained by emailing bobk@ashi.org. Please note this offer is valid only for someone who has never belonged to any

ASHI chapter prior to using the coupon.

Leadership training, town meeting and special events mark July Board meeting in Arizona

This year’s combined Board of Directors and Town hall meeting will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. Leadership training, an educational session and a dinner are among the special events being planned. ASHI Membership will have an opportunity to participate in the national-sponsored activities, plus take advantage of Chapter sponsored events.

Brand research update

A survey of more than 300 real estate transaction professionals is being completed by the marketing research group assisting ASHI with its branding initiative. This crucial data will be used by our leadership as they strive to differentiate the ASHI inspection for the public.

August is MRC claim form month

Some Members have already been inquiring about MRC claim forms. Heather Henning would like to assure everyone that the forms will be distributed in August as usual.

Presenter recommendations welcomed

Whenever you attend a session you would highly recommend to other home inspectors, think InspectionWorld, and share the name of the presenter and the topic with Jim Jones at ASHI HQ. He’s always interested in hearing about outstanding presenters and topics.

Advertising opportunities

Banner ads on the ASHI Web site are now being sold. To take advantage of cutting edge advertising techniques, contact Carlos Tabora at HQ for rates and space availability.

The ASHI Reporter is accepting orders for ad space October 2002 through September 2003. Basic rates remain the same, with increases only for special positioning. The 02-03 rate card/reservation form is available on ashi.org or by request from sandyb@ashi.org or 847-759-2833.