January, 2012
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Editor's Note: Proud to be a Professional


Shortly after we published Douglas Hansen’s safety glazing article, a producer from the TV show “Inside Edition,” who had found it online, contacted us looking for content for the show.

Although Douglas was unable to help the producer at that time, he was able to do so later.

“Recently,” he reports, “I had a case involving a child injured when a non-safety-glazed patio door shattered at a hotel. The case settled, and I gave the attorney the phone number for the producer. My clients did end up being filmed for “Inside Edition,” and said they were happy to get their story out in hopes it will prevent future injuries like theirs. It apparently aired on November 17.
“Their 8-year old daughter had a huge slice on her forehead as a result of the injury. It required over 70 stitches to close.  The hotel where they were staying had a similar injury to another child back in 1998, and had not corrected the condition in the other rooms.”

ASHI members regularly inspect glass patio doors without dramatic consequences — good or bad.  Yet, this story from Douglas serves as a reminder that, even in doing what looks to be routine, there’s a reason to take pride in doing a job that helps keep people safe.