March, 2011
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Editor's Note: It's All About the Celebration


Call it optimism, enthusiasm or maybe belief in shared values, in this issue you’ll find a thread that celebrates your society and honors the unselfish commitment from the volunteers who ensure it will continue to thrive.

When you look at the photos of the awards, we hope you’ll see more than this year’s award recipients. In this issue and again next month, we’re publishing captivating photos and positive stories from InspectionWorld. Let me know if I’m wrong, but I bet that I would see the same commitment to education, to promoting the profession, to sharing, to volunteering were I to visit local gatherings of ASHI members.

Even though Paul Staron typifies the spirit of the volunteers who keep ASHI viable in a challenging environment, we hope he doesn’t mind that he was chosen to write an article (see "Why I Volunteer") as much for what he represents as for his personal achievements.

We believe all the 2010 Award winners, in fact, all ASHI members, have earned the right to celebrate their affiliation with an organization that strives to do more than just promote its members — an organization that is committed to raising the bar for the profession and for the individuals who practice it.
Join all ASHI award winners in celebrating your achievements.