November, 2011
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Editor's Note: Behind the Curtain


There's no kindly wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers necessary to publish this magazine, but there is a dedicated volunteer and a team that contributes behind the scenes.

Jim Katen, chair of the Technical Review Committee, provides us with his and the committee members' feedback on all technical content submitted for publication in the ASHI Reporter. Our reviewers have high standards, but are willing to work with the authors so that their articles can be published. They've responded to 48 requests from me so far this year.

Let's pull back the curtain and give recognition to Jim and the members of his committee:

Robert B. Pyne
Victor J. Faggella
Douglas Hansen
Jory Lannes
Tom Maides
Steve Nations
Mark T. Tinkley

Although most of our contributing authors are published eventually, most of their work also is done out of the limelight: researching, writing, being edited and sometimes responding to the committee's requests for clarification or more information. It continues to amaze me that we can publish 12 issues of a 40-page magazine every year depending entirely on volunteers to submit articles and to review them.

It speaks well of this organization that so many members are willing to share their expertise with others and to be critiqued by their peers.

So, if you enjoy reading the ASHI Reporter in print or using the online version for research, now you know whom to thank.  And, hopefully you'll consider contributing — either by serving on a committee or writing an article to share your expertise.

(We'd publish a photo of Jim, but unfortunately we don't have one on file.)