January, 2011
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Editor's Note: ASHI has its own All-Stars


In December, the National Hockey League (NHL) invited fans to send their favorite players to the 2011 All-Star game by voting for them online. Hopefully, the Chicago Blackhawks will dominate the starting lineup for that game. I know … I know … that’s probably not going to happen, but even if it doesn’t, Chicago fans will continue to appreciate watching All-Star-level performances from members of their home team.

It seems to me that most of us enjoy being associated with All-Stars, people who contribute above and beyond what is expected. While it’s not quite as exciting as scoring goals, editing a magazine does make it possible to associate with a few All-Stars of a different kind.

As you may have noticed, several ASHI members regularly contribute to the magazine.. A lot of work goes into these articles. What’s more, the Technical Review Committee reviews technical articles, and it’s not always pleasant to be criticized by your peers, or to go through several rewrites and edits, but our contributors understand it’s a necessary part of the process.

Does that mean we score with every article we publish? Or, that we can publish every article that’s submitted? Of course not. Nevertheless, members who contribute allow us to continue the 35-year tradition of publishing the Reporter for home inspectors by home inspectors.

As you read this issue, I hope you enjoy the latest contributions from three ASHI Reporter All-Stars: Kenny Hart, Bruce Barker and Roger Hankey.

No doubt we have many members who equal them in technical expertise, but these three regularly and generously share their knowledge. We appreciate it and enjoy being associated with them.

Let’s add our advertisers to that All-Star list. Most have continued their commitment to print advertising and to ASHI through good times and challenging times. Ad revenues pay for the printing and mailing of the magazine, so your dues can be used for other member benefits.

NHL bragging rights end Jan. 30th, but we hope we’ve just started identifying and bragging about our All-Stars.

– Sandy Bourseau, ASHI Reporter editor