November, 2006
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Dues renewal deadline passes


September 30 was the official deadline for renewing ASHI membership and submitting the required 20 MRCs. Invoices were mailed to the entire membership and two e-mails were sent to those with an e-mail address on file. If you have not renewed, you can still prevent a break in your membership benefits, but you must act quickly. Renew now.

Questions? Please contact Anthony Snyder, ASHI director of membership and marketing,

Call for volunteers
The Society depends on volunteers to do important committee work in support of the Board of Directors. If you are ready to serve, fill out and return the Call for Volunteer form that was included in the renewal package you received in the mail, or download a copy here.  

To be appointed again, current committee members must submit the volunteer form indicating their willingness to serve another year.

If you have any questions, please contact Angie Stark at

ASHI mails new Standards
A copy of the revised ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, which goes into effect on October 15, was mailed to the entire membership.

To purchase additional copies to share with clients (in both English and Spanish), contact Russell Daniels at or visit the ASHI Marketplace.  

Member Get A Member
ASHI has welcomed more than 200 new Candidates as a result of this program. The program began in Jan. 2006 and will be offered throughout the 2006-2007 year. For more information, click here.

ASHI reimburses $30 for new chapter members
If visitors to chapter meetings express an interest in joining, sign them up for the chapter and ASHI at the same time. Download an application form.

Also take advantage of the ASHI Chapter Coupon Incentive Program, which offers a $30 reimbursement for all new chapter members. For information about the Incentive Program, click here.   

Questions, contact Bob Kociolek at 847-954-3117 or

Heading for 7,000
Current Membership Numbers:

Members: 3,848
Candidates with Logo Use Privileges: 199
Candidates: 2,443
Affiliates: 106
Retired Members: 108
Total: 6,704

ASHI Parallel Inspection Program now in place
ASHI Members are encouraged to take part in the ASHI Parallel Inspection program. Already, 82 Members have signed up to be Parallel Inspection Guides. The program partners ASHI Candidates with ASHI Members to guide them through actual home inspections. It’s a great way to earn inspections required for state licensing, or to more quickly complete the 50 inspections needed for Candidate with Logo Use Privileges or the 250 to reach Member status.

Both Candidates and Members can learn more and sign up on

Attention chapters hosting high-attendance annual seminars
ASHI staff has booth and will travel, if invited, to a limited number of chapter seminars this year. In addition to a presence at the seminar, staff is willing to help promote it to non-members. Seminar attendance must be high enough to justify the expense of sending the booth and staff members. If your chapter is interested in working with HQ, contact Anthony Snyder at

ASHI calendar of events
Jan. 9, 2007, 1-7 pm, Council of Representatives Meeting, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.

Jan. 10, 2007, 8am-5pm, Board Meeting,  Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.

Jan. 10, 2007, PaRR/FEMA Training Course, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.

Jan. 10-13, 2007, InspectionWorld California, Disneyland
Hotel, Anaheim, Calif.

Jan. 11, 2007, InspectPAC Reception, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.

Jan. 12, 2007, 11am-1pm, Annual Business Meeting, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.  

Jan. 12, 2007, Leadership Reception, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Calif.

April 13-14, 2007, Board Orientation and Meeting,  Rosemont, Ill.

July 13 -14, 2007, Town Hall Gathering and Board Meeting, TBD