March, 2009
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Disagrees with Swandby about past presidents


To the editor:

I strongly object to Ms. Swandby including her own prejudiced political views in her article, “Legislation and Lobbying,” which appeared in the January issue of the ASHI Reporter. Being a little older than Ms. Swandby, I would like to provide an accurate, unprejudiced history lesson regarding Walter Mondale, presidents Carter and H.W. Bush. 

The reason that a landslide defeated Walter Mondale was not because of his statement on taxes, but rather the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter. During Mr. Carter’s presidency, the interest rate rose to 21 percent, taxes were at an all-time high and Iran held U.S.  diplomatic hostages for over a year. Under the Republican Ronald Reagan, taxes were lowered, treasury receipts increased dramatically and the interest rates came down to below 8 percent. It was as a result of the Reagan years that Mondale was defeated by H.W. Bush and not because of Mondale’s tax statement.

In regard to H.W. Bush raising taxes, I’m sure Ms. Swandby is aware that the president does not make legislation, but only signs or vetoes that which the Congress passes and submits to him for approval.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bush did not follow what he had promised and made the mistake of signing the tax bill passed by the Democratic congress. His fault was not that he raised taxes, but that he did not have the courage to veto the bill.

While I agree that most politicians are pragmatic and many dishonest, as is written almost daily in the newspapers, it does not apply specifically to any political party.

Victor J.  Faggella, ASHI Certified Inspector
Centurion Home Inspections, Inc.
Mahopac, N.Y.

Editor: ASHI recognizes and respects the diverse political opinions and allegiances of its members. As an organization, it does not support national political
parties; rather, it supports legislation and policies it believes to be in the best interests of its members, the home inspection profession and consumers. In addition, it offers advice from professionals such as Ms. Swandby
to members who are interested in influencing inspection-related legislation.

Concerned about spending on monthly magazine

To the editor:

The Report from the President by Brion Grant in the January 2009 issue states, “Your Board of Directors and staff are committed to being conscientious in spending your money.”

That being the case, why don’t you publish the ASHI Reporter every other month, or maybe once a quarter, and put out a magazine of substance that’s more than just a vehicle for selling ad space.

Gilbert R. Matzdorf, ASHI Certified Inspector
Building Inspection Services of Ocala
Ocala, Fla.

Editor: We were pleased to let this member know that for the last 10 years, the monthly magazine has paid for itself, plus brought additional money into ASHI to be spent on other member benefits. Even in these leaner times, it continues to pay for itself, allowing member dues to be spent elsewhere.

The first obligation of the magazine, according to ASHI bylaws, is to keep the membership informed of ASHI business. We know our readers also appreciate business and technical articles. We are dependent on member participation for this type of content and have benefited from contributions from our most knowledgeable members during my 10 years as the editor. We’re always looking for more articles. If you have expertise in a particular area and would be willing to share it with others, please let us know.

Letters are welcomed. Send your comments to:

Sandy Bourseau, ASHI Reporter
932 Lee St., Des Plaines, IL 60016

Thank you

Victor J. Faggella, Centurion Home Inspections, Mahopac, New York, was inadvertently omitted from the list of those who served on the 2008 Technical Review Committee.