June, 2009
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Creepy Crawls in Denver


To the editor:

Lately, here in the Denver, Colorado, area, we have had an increase of snakes being found in crawl spaces. On Monday, March 16, an article in the local newspaper reported 41 snakes found in one crawl space in Westminster, a suburb of Denver. The animal control contractor said he is getting more calls and is seeing a greater instance of snakes in crawl spaces than in many years. The Denver area has had unusually warm weather and almost no snow this winter, so the snakes are coming out of hibernation early and are looking for cool, damp places; crawl spaces appear to be one of their favorites.

So now when I inspect a crawl space, I  bring a flashlight, make a lot of noise and keep an eye out for snakes. If something moves, I back off and watch.

I thought other inspectors might find this interesting.

Jerry Burns, ASHI Certified Inspector
Complete Home Inspections
Centennial, Colo.

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