May, 2003
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Council Representatives Returned Ballots


In April, Council Representatives completed the first step in choosing future officers and directors by electing the members of ASHI’s two Nominating committees. The Officers Nominating committee selects a slate of officers to present to the Members. See the call for nominations in this issue of the Reporter, page 46 The Directors Nominating committee selects a slate of directors to present to the Council of Representatives.

Sign all five lines with care

The good news is that InspectPAC authorization forms are coming in at a steady pace. The Membership is showing strong support for initiating a political action committee to increase ASHI’s influence with the government.

The not-so-good news is not everyone is signing all five lines (one for each year), and some signatures are illegible. ASHI must gain your permission before soliciting your contribution to InspectPAC. Please sign each line and return your form soon.

Discussion boards moderated

Kurt Mitenbuler, Jack Feldman, Mark Cramer, John Ghent and an additional member to be named now moderate the ASHI Membership Only on-line discussion board.

Users are asked on sign-in to read and agree to the rules and protocols of conduct on the forum. The change was being made to allow continued exchange of information and opinions, while protecting the Society. As the committee chair, Mitenbuler will field complaints. He said he hopes the committee is (more or less) invisible and that it doesn’t dampen the fun.

Projects proposed for NAHB and ASHI

Once ASHI and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) started talking things started happening. NAHB is interested in what home inspectors can tell builders about products and building techniques standing up over time, and about educating consumers on buying new construction. ASHI has also been invited to contribute to NAHB’s online newsletter.

ASHI part of Residential Moisture Management Network

ASHI accepted an invitation to join the EPA, IBHS, and other interested organizations in a network designed to disseminate the results of government research on residential moisture, such as mold and mildew. Specific activities and ASHI’s role will be reported as they develop.  

ASHI exam  

The ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics examination is now available online. Candidates were sent instructions on how to exercise this option. The exam will continue to be available at testing centers.  

Changes at HQ

Allison Dziewior  (pronounced Jeveor) is ASHI’s new receptionist.
She takes over receptionist duties from Yvonne Romanowski, who was promoted to Membership Coordinator. Allison is a Roosevelt University graduate with a degree in marketing. Her e-mail is and her extension is 101. In another change at HQ, Tonya Abbot left ASHI with the well wishes of her co-workers.   

MRC pass/fail letters mailed

After reviewing submitted MRC claim forms, the Membership Department issued Pass or fail letters last month.

Mark your calendar - July 18- 19-20 ASHI in DC

This July the annual Board of Directors meeting and Townhall gathering is scheduled to be held in Washington, DC, where three hosting chapters promise to make it a “must attend” event for the more than 500 ASHI Members and Candidates who live within 100 miles of the Capitol. Here’s your opportunity to watch your Board in action, participate in the Townhall format, and attend a reception and educational seminar hosted by the Greater Baltimore, MAC and NOVA ASHI chapters. Details will be announced as plans are confirmed.   

ASHI calendar of events

• July 18-19, 2003, Townhall gathering and Board of Directors meeting. Washington D.C.
• October 24-25, 2003, Chapter leadership Day and Board of Directors meeting Chicago, Ill.
• December 13, 2003, Committee Leadership Workshop Chicago, Ill. (tentative)
• January 14, 2004, Board of Directors meeting Albuquerque, N.M.