January, 2008
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Council Elects 2008 ASHI Directors


Each year, the Council of Representatives elects one-third of the 15-director ASHI board. The nominees are members of the council, and the five who receive the most votes become directors. The person sixth in the voting becomes the alternate. Voting closed December 5, 2007.

Jim-Hemsell.jpgJim Hemsell, A Closer Look Inspection Services, Denton, Texas

“I want to thank the Council Representatives for supporting my election to the ASHI Board. I consider this a great honor, and I will dedicate myself to spending time and energy toward helping the society. My platform remains focusing on increasing the value of your ASHI membership, and improving the communication and involvement of the ASHI chapter leaders in the governance of the association.

“To the ASHI membership, please feel free to contact me personally via e-mail or phone if you have fresh and workable ideas/suggestions to help improve the society. This is your association and I am here to help make ASHI membership a great return on your investment.”

Tom-Lauhon.jpgDirector or Alternate*: Thomas G. Lauhon, American Residential Inspections, Lansing, Kan.

“A significant issue facing ASHI is membership retention. I will encourage the Membership Committee to continue the effort of working with and welcoming new inspectors. For years, this was a weakness in the ASHI Plan. ASHI is now on the right track and I will assist in the continuation of this effort. ASHI should make a concerted effort to help the chapters be more proactive in reaching out to its members. The chapters are the heart of the society, and if the inspectors believe they are being well-served in their chapter, they will remain members of ASHI.”

Frank-Libero.jpgFrank V. Libero, United Inspection Consultants, Garnerville, N.Y.

“ASHI is its members. ASHI is in the business of selling memberships. The members’ benefits, merchandise for sale and services through affiliates are some of the reasons why home inspectors join ASHI. They’re not what ASHI sells. ASHI’s future depends on membership growth. We need to build a membership package that gives the candidates and members everything they want and more, and we can only do that when we have their input and we understand them.”

Robert-Pyne.jpgRobert B. Pyne, AmeriSpec Inspection Services, Colorado Springs, Colo.

“With the dumbing down of the standards for home inspections that is occurring as licensure is instituted in more and more states, ASHI must maintain its high standards while being able to provide value for membership in ASHI. I believe that getting new members and retaining the members we have are the two greatest challenges that ASHI has at this time and will be for years to come.”

Tony-Smith.jpgDirector or Alternate*: Tony Smith, House and Home Inspections Services, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“The #1 most significant issue facing ASHI today and in the next 12 months is how can ASHI meet the need of its current membership to make MONEY. The vast majority of our market share as home inspectors lies outside the realm of real estate transactions. As a BOD, I will continue to encourage our society from the top down to organize grass-roots efforts, seek out new and innovative public relations and marketing efforts geared at putting the PUBLIC back in public relations; and thus opening up the vast untapped majority of our market share that will put MONEY in the pockets of ASHI inspectors across the country.”

Mike-Stephens.jpgMichael J. Stephens, American Home Inspections, LLC, Farfax Station, Va.

“I firmly believe in maintaining ASHI Standards and Ethics at the highest levels so that ASHI is the
standard-bearer for our industry. From my experience on the national Membership and Bylaws Committees, I bring a fresh viewpoint to the Board of Directors. I believe that the future of ASHI is in its ability to attract the quality home inspectors of today. And, I will help promote membership initiatives that come before the board that will develop these new members, as well as promote better benefits for our existing members in the areas of health insurance, E&O and more.”

* Due to a tie, there will be a runoff election to decide who will be a director and who will be the alternate.
The results will be announced in the February Reporter.