March, 2004
Postcards from the Field
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Conversion Confusion


wh-vent-03.gifReplace the electric water heater with a gas one? No problem. Just run the vent pipe against the drywall in the garage, and against a truss in the attic. Make sure there is no rise on the horizontal run, and install at least four 90-degree elbows (there are two more in the attic). For good measure, make sure that the pulley on the overhead garage door will slowly grind a hole through the vent pipe. The buyer asked for this to be repaired. The sellers response: “this installation was inspected and passed by the city so we will not make any repairs.” I bet none of you have ever heard that before!


Randy West
Professional Building Consultants
Prescott, Ariz.



This is the exhaust for a gas-fired water heater. It ran approximately horizontally about 25 feet. The other metal pipe in the lower picture (which is crushed) was the dryer exhaust. Obviously, this was a real fun inspection.

Harry Harvey

Pillar to Post
Horseheads , N.Y.