April, 2015
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Connecting with the ASHI School


There are Many Ways to Connect

with The ASHI School (TAS) and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Knowing the history and how both are helping the home inspection field will open up doors of possibilities. It will help others see the support we give and how we provide opportunities for potential growth in business. We help networks of people know more about certified home inspectors and ASHI. The home inspection field is growing and so are home inspectors, but where can you find a certified home inspector whom you can trust? ASHI and TAS have created trustworthy, certified home inspectors who others know are professional and the best in the nation.

Interesting Facts

TAS is a subsidiary of ASHI Education Inc. which is owned by ASHI. It was started in 2009 and is taught with the ASHI Mission Statement, Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics in mind. As of January 2015, TAS has graduated over 800 students and provided a pathway of support to help them enter the industry with the knowledge and support needed to be successful.

TAS’ 120-hour pre-licensing, all-encompassing course provides comprehensive, in-depth training with clear descriptions; detailed technical illustrations and useful summaries of products; hands-on experience in the field; and is the most exhaustive training available. This intense training and support continues to bring a new or experienced inspector the tools needed to build a strong foundation they can continue to enhance with support from ASHI.

In 2011, TAS celebrated the graduation of international students from three different countries: Georgia, Tbilisi and Austria. The international students researched The ASHI School on the Internet and chose to make the long trip to the United States after reading about the school's learn-by-doing approach to acquiring home inspection skills. They found the combination of classroom and field sessions fulfilled their expectations, and they returned home ready to apply their new expertise (see testimonials below).

The growth doesn’t stop there. In 2013, TAS received approval for veterans to use their Vocal Rehab Chapter 31. Most recently, TAS, Des Plaines, IL, location was approved by the Veterans Association for veterans to use their GI Bill and Post-9/11 GI Bill to pay for tuition. This will help our heros across the country start exciting new careers.

Student Graduation – Benefits, Opportunities and Success Stories

Once students graduate from TAS, they receive their national membership to ASHI, which provides many wonderful benefits and opportunities to take their home inspector business to the next level. We recommend they join a local chapter to take advantage of the up-to-date education, knowledge and camaraderie from experienced home inspector professionals who are the best in the industry. At these meetings, opportunities to network and learn golden nuggets about this field are priceless lessons that truly help.

Graduated students need to decide what business model they want to effect, which can vary from the level of responsibility they want to have and how they want to start off in the home inspection field. They can become entrepreneurs (working for themselves), work for a multi-inspector firm (learn from others who work in the field) or join a franchise. Franchise companies respect and trust TAS and send students or hire students after graduation.

From the hands-on learning through the school and chapters, free online education for all our members, top certified speakers talking about serious content and sharing their knowledge – there are many great opportunities to connect and grow with TAS and ASHI. Even a single home inspection company interested in growing could hire a TAS graduate and grow their business, knowing they received the best training in the country.

We have many success stories of students hired immediately after graduation by an individual company that expanded to a multi-inspector firm.

John Cordell is an amazing, educated instructor for TAS out of Ohio and has hired two exemplary students to work for his company. Tim Glisson, another phenomenal TAS instructor out of Florida, has expanded and hired a TAS graduate right out of The ASHI School to work for him. Owner Michael Skauge with Kinship Inspection Services, a multi-inspection company in Wisconsin, paid for a student to take the class because he knows the support and comprehensive training TAS and ASHI provide. We have even had an insurance company from Michigan pay for students to attend TAS for knowledge of components and systems they work with and to be more educated in their fields in order to decide if they are going to insure a property. Many ASHI members choose to send their children to the ASHI School because of exceptional training.

There are many opportunities to connect yourself with TAS and ASHI and to challenge your business and to continue to grow. Every morning is a new day! We learn and reflect from our experiences and can always make little changes in our daily lives to make an active difference. We can do this in many areas of our lives and the amazing growing field of home inspection. When we use the support of the entire amazing ASHI team, we will make the impossible, possible and make it easier to continue to grow the home inspection field with certified, trusted home inspectors.

New opportunities will emerge when you connect yourself with TAS and ASHI. It’s time to challenge your business and continue to grow. Every morning is a new day!

Testimonials from international students

Irakli Chkhubianishvili: "It was very interesting, very professional and gave me perfect knowledge to improve my skills. Excellent. I made my choice online and it was the best choice."

Giogi Kakhnizshvili: "The hands- on experience really helped me understand the inspection process."

Neale Selwood: "The training was very enjoyable and informative."