December, 2006
Inspection News and Views from the American Society of Home Inspectors

Congress Offers Best Bet for Small Businesses Seeking Health Insurance Plans


ASHI President-elect Frank Lesh recently headed up a task force of ASHI volunteers looking for a way to offer an affordable health insurance plan to the

“As a sole proprietor,” he explained, “I know how difficult and expensive it is to provide health care for my family. I’m sure it’s the same for us all. I’ve the good fortune of being responsible for only three members of my family now. My daughter has a company-sponsored plan where she works. Many of you have more kids to take care of than I do. That’s why I felt compelled to see what ASHI could do to get affordable health care for our members.”

Unfortunately, for the third time in recent years, a task force determined it’s just not feasible. Health insurance is so complicated from state to state, rural area to urban, no plan is going to be advantageous enough to offer to the membership.

Because the current small business health plan being considered by Congress may be helpful to small business owners, ASHI encourages the membership to learn about it and to join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in its lobbying efforts. The Chamber explains its position in the Small Business Issues and Advocacy section of its Web site at

You can also use ASHI’s Legislative Action Center to contact your elected officials and let them know how important this issue is to you and your business.